Saturday, December 23, 2017

It's Been Awhile . . .

We have just been puttering around for the most part while we continue to wait for the electrician but we did manage to get a fabulous door up on the Studio.  This is what the old door was supposed to look like ~

It was made out of the same material as the siding and it was very flimsy.  Since I am going to have all my quilting goodies inside, we decided to make our own door.  So, we took a solid core door blank, the hinges that were supposed to be on the garage doors (see picture above) and a real door knob and deadlock and made this ~

Now we just need to get it trimmed and re-touch the paint!!  Oh, what a difference it makes to know everything inside is safe and sound!!  Thanks Kelly for getting the door knob and dead bolt on perfectly!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Beautiful Winter Day in Bandon!!

The sun was out ALL day long, the temperature got up to 60 degrees and we got a lot of work done today.  Kelly is continuing his crusade to get the grounds around the house all cleaned up ~

He got all the blackberry vines and whatever else was growing on the fence removed.

Got most the tall grass weed eated down.

Fixed the holes in the fence so Annie can't escape!!

And has a pile for burning tomorrow.

This is all the hidden crap that we pulled out of the back part of the yard before Kelly removed the tall grass!!  We will need to make another run to the dump next week!!

More stuff!!

And we have no idea what this is, but it is buried so deep in the ground that I could not get it fully removed today.  We'll need to go in with a shovel tomorrow.

Then this morning I went to my Guild's Christmas party and had a ball!!  I have just met the nicest people since moving here to Bandon!!

But after I got home from partying, I painted one and half of the walls on the Studio~

You can see where it is starting to dry and it is drying a bit darker than when I put it on.  I thought though this was going to be a bit darker but I think it will be cute for the smaller building and then paint the house the same green but one shade darker!!

Looking forward to another warm sunny day tomorrow - a bit more painting and a bit more yard work!!  Maybe get inside and get that quilt top sandwiched!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  I love it when someone tells me they are following our progress!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Friday, December 1, 2017

Time to Start Moving Into the Studio!!

This is basically what I have been living with since I moved in last June!!

It has looked worse but as I have been trying to get ready to move into the Studio, I have been straightening and cleaning as much as possible!!

But now we are ready to start moving things into the Studio!!

The floor has been swept and the carpet has started it's roll-out!!  We are going to get my work tables out of the living room and set up today and tomorrow!!

Then, once Kelly gets the back wall sealed off at the sill plate - that has been a big problem that we have been trying to fix for a week now - we hope and pray that our water leaking problem will be fixed.  Kelly dried the area with a hair dryer and sealed it will a heavy caulk bead.

Tomorrow I may be able to start being a quilter again out in my own little Studio!!  Woo! Hoo!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We're Down to One Toilet and the Kitchen Sink!!

Yesterday we tore out all the nasty cabinets and cheap tub enclosure in the what is going to be the master bathroom ~

Again, lots of spiders and mouse droppings under everything!!

We had Jordan helping us and he will be here again today to get the walls out.

Kelly got everything cleaned up so we could start work again today!

We also started tearing out the cabinets in the hallway.  This set of cabinets above will eventually be the closet inside the bathroom suite and this door in the hallway will be sealed off with the door to the bathroom coming off the bedroom you see in this picture.

Thank goodness this toilet still works!!

Well, off to tear out some walls!!

Friday, November 24, 2017

This Has Been Quite the Week!!

It started out last Wednesday when all of the electricity in the house went out about 9:00 a.m.  Now, because the wiring in this house is so bad, this has happened before but when I went to the electrical box to re-set all of the breakers, I got an electrical storm on one of them.  I left all the breakers off.  Decided, well it is time to find that electrician that I have been trying to track down for almost 2 weeks.

I left the house to go see if I could use the wifi at the library and find this Dale guy.  Kelly was headed out for breakfast.  But just as he was getting ready to leave, he heard a voice say, "check the attic."  He listened and ended up preventing an electrical fire that was starting in the attic.  We later figured out that a mouse may have eaten through the wire, causing the 20 inch long burn in the one wire and a charred cross beam with burning embers inside!!  yikes!!  Thank you to Heavenly Father for speaking to Kelly and to Kelly for listening and acting !!

I found Dale and he came over to fix the problem on Thursday let morning and is going to come back to re-wire the entire house.  But not until at least the middle of December!!  We are hoping to have all new electricity as our Christmas present!!

Then on Friday, our roofer came out and started working on the roof.  Kelly and Monte got the felt down on the western side and got the metal roofing up on that side!!

Hey, Fiddler on the Roof!!

Then on Sunday, there was sunshine in the morning and we got the felt and the metal up on the eastern side of the roof before and after Church.

Bright and early Tuesday morning Monte came by to finish the last partial roofing piece on both sides of the roof.  Here Monte is teaching Kelly how to use electric metal cutters to cut a straight line the entire length of the ribs.  We did have to cut about 8 inches off of all the metal ribs before getting them up on the roof and that was my job with hand metal shears.

At this point in the morning, the wind had really picked up and in order not to slide off the roof, Monte had to straddle the peak to screw the bolts into the crown piece.  We paid Monte and thanked him for his incredible help and sent him on his way.

After Monte left, we realized that the floor in the Studio was staying wet because the rain was running down the siding and under it to soak the sill plate and leak into the floor.  So we added 1" x 2" trim over the sill plates after we siliconed the sill plates.  Looks pretty crappy right now but once it is painted it will be fine.

Wednesday was sort of a down day and so Kelly decided to tackle the shelves in the kitchen!!  He was tired of them looking like this:

Only they had only gotten worse over time, just piling stuff on the shelves when there was no place else to put the stuff.

And now the shelves look like this:

Kelly is pretty happy with himself as it does look really nice but the only problem is I have to search for everything because whatever I am looking for is not in the same place it has been for the past few months.  Ya, know, change at my age can be quite difficult!!  LOL!!

Then today, we primed the back wall because we had hours of sun and warm and the rain was keeping this wall totally soaked.  It was so white, that I had to wear sunglasses while I was painting!! We got two good coats on it and it has the rest of the day to dry as we are not supposed to have any rain until late tomorrow morning.

Then, the most exciting moment of the day was when we moved my longarm quilter out to the Studio!!  It is dry enough in there now and it is becoming official!!

I also moved some boxes of fabric in ~

And my antique round table and chairs for when I have visitors!!

So, now, instead of the kitchen looking like this:

We now have the beginnings of something that looks a bit more like a kitchen!!

We are now waiting to see if Dale, the electrician might have a several hour window from his other jobs where he can come rough the wiring into the Studio so we can insulate, put up the bead board, paint the floor and bring out the lime green carpet from inside the house!!

Things are getting real now!!  Hoo! Hoo!

Friday, November 10, 2017

We Worked Around the Rain Today . . .

and got the front window in!!

And this is my view from inside!! Dang electrical lines!!

Now we just have to get the door on and the two vents in and we are done until Monte gets the roof completed next week!!

Update on the Re-Wiring Project . . .

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