Saturday, March 17, 2018

While I was Playing . . .

at a quilt retreat this week in Gold Beach, Kelly was finishing up his shed.  He got everything done except the tar paper on the roof and the metal roofing.

Next week we are going to get the tar paper up and we have a call into Monte to come put the metal roofing on.  Once the tar paper is on we can start unloading our storage unit and putting things into the shed!!  YAY!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Kelly Was Out There ALL Day Long . . .

working on his shed while I was inside getting ready for my first retreat in over 12 years!!  And boy did he get a lot done!!  I helped a little bit but today was mostly Kelly having fun working on "his" shed!!

Kelly is going to get the door on and the sides painted this week while I am gone - that is if there is a bit of time between the raindrops - and then we just need to find Monte and see if he will put the roof on!!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

And With Elder Woolley's Help . . .

we got this far today before the rains came!!

Bye, Elder Woolley, we will miss you and Sister Woolley!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Beautiful Day to Build a Shed!!

We are trying to get all of our stuff out of the storage unit south of town and stop paying rent on it, so we are taking these gorgeous days between rainy, windy days to work on the shed behind the studio ~

Tomorrow morning, Elder Woolley is coming over to help us put up the trusses.  We are sad because Elder and Sister Woolley are going to be done with their mission a week from Monday and we will miss them greatly!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A New Project for the Spring . . .

I was thumbing through Facebook this evening and the perfect project just scrolled right in front of my eyes ~

Is this the cutest idea for a potting bench?  And the fun thing is that we can get pallets anytime we want right down the street at the lumber supply place!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Back Door and . . .

new front door!!

The debate between Kelly getting a new door for the back door or me making a door was settled when we went up to Coos Bay to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and found a door!!  Whoo!!  Whoo!!

We are going to strip it and take the top two panels out and replace them with glass so I have a window.  And MAYBE I'll make it into a Dutch Door so I can feel the cool breezes in the summer!!

Then, even better than that cool back door, we were given a great door for the front door but we had to take our front door and put it back into the garage from where we got the new old door.

Here is our door Before ~

Then we removed it ~

And replaced it with our fabulous old new front door ~

Is that going to be gorgeous or what when we get it all refinished and the new door latch on it?  And it was FREE!!  It is sooooo heavy and when it landed on my foot while taking it out of the garage where we got it I thought my foot was broken.  But all is well and I don't even have a bruise on my foot!!

We think the door is from the Arts and Crafts era, either the 1920's or the 1930s.  We are so excited we can hardly stop saying, "Wow, what a fabulous front door."

Monday, February 19, 2018

It Was Inevitable . . .

While I was cleaning the last part up in the kitchen at the wall behind and near the kitchen sink, we ran into rotted sill plates.

So, now, we have to wait until we have the sink in the guest bathroom in before we can remove the sink in the kitchen.  Once we get that last piece of kitchen counter removed

we will be able to dig out the rotten sill plate along with the rotten 2x4s.  We are so grateful there was only this small amount of rot in the whole house!!

Then, on Friday the electrician came for a few hours and removed the electrical in this wall that

separated the great room from the kitchen area.  And once that electrical was removed (for the most part) we were able to remove the wall completely.  Kelly then decided to rearrange the kitchen

so we have a more open concept!!  And once all that "stuff" is out of the great room, we will be living in a mansion!!  Well, maybe not, but each day or two the place gets looking better and better!!

See ya next time!!

While I was Playing . . .

at a quilt retreat this week in Gold Beach, Kelly was finishing up his shed.  He got everything done except the tar paper on the roof and th...