Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kelly is On His Way . . .

so these past few days I have been getting all the drywall out of the bedroom that is going to be mine so Kelly can get his stuff in the bedroom that is going to be his when he gets here.

I feel pretty good about how much I got done  - all the walls except a 1/2 wall in the closet that was just one too many.

I got a special treat when I pulled the drywall off the wall that was once the outside wall of the original house.  Instead of ripping the original ship lap off before drywalling, they left it on and it will be gorgeous when I get all the nails out and get it sanded down and probably whitewashed so it retains it's old look ~

I got most of the furniture out of Kelly's room and into mine but the day is getting late and I am getting tired, so the rest of the things in Kelly's room will have to be moved when we empty the U-Haul on Friday!!

Look how fun that old wall is going to be!!

Tomorrow morning at 5:30 I am headed up to Coos Bay (about 45 minutes north of Bandon) to get on the Greyhound bus to Bend so I can drive the last day of the move with Kel.  It is the wiggliest part and it will be nice for him after 2 full days of driving a 20 foot U-Haul with his truck towed behind!!  He measured it and it is over 50 feet long!!  Yikes!!

See you next week!!  
We have some fun stuff going on!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

And Another Wall Bites the Dust!!

I have decided that I am a one-wall-a-day kinda gal!!  The hard work is taking down the drywall and the insulation, but the time-consuming work is the cleanup after the drywall is down.

This is the kind of icky stuff you run into behind those walls, especially in an old house that has been empty for the most part of 8 years.

Now this wall and window is ready for the window guy to come out tomorrow morning and measure so they can give me an estimate on Friday.  I already found out that I am not going to be able to afford the bee-you-tee-full wood clad windows from Monday's post but I am hoping we can still afford the three single hung windows next to each other.

This wall had a nasty wall heater in it.  In order to remove it, I turned off the electricity at the breaker box which is something I ALWAYS do when working with ANYTHING electrical in a house, but especially with an appliance like a wall heater.

Once out, it looks pretty good.  I will leave the old Romax wiring until all the drywall through the house is down and the new electrical wiring is in place.

I also got all the trim off around the window so the window guy can get an exact measurement of the rough opening for the new windows.

And then yesterday evening before it got dark, I got a rack up and a lot of the fabric that was in plastic bags (all over the floor in this room) all on the shelves.  Gave me more working room this morning.

And finally, this is something one needs to be careful of when fixing up an old house.  Falling and getting boo-boo on some part of your body.  I was lucky - I fell backwards off the step stool but there were a couple of boxes to land on instead of going all the way down to the floor!!


Until next time!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Finally, a Bit of Work Done Today . . .

I have been so preoccupied with all of the quilt shows I have been vendoring this past 2 months and preparing for the Portland Quilt Expo the end of this month, I have not gotten much of anything done on the house.

So, today, I decided to take the morning and get some work done.

Even though I am going to eventually have a studio in a separate building in the back of the house, this room is the one that I am going to be using to store the fabric until that building gets completed.  It is also eventually going to be my office and the guest bedroom. 

I got the whole one wall down this morning and everything cleaned up so I can now set up some shelves to put the fabric while I open up and clean up the rest of the room.

I am going down to the local window guy this afternoon and have them come out to measure this window and give me a bid to replace it.  As you can see, right now it is a casement window and is very boring so this is what I would like to replace it with ~

Image from the Internet

It's quite a wide window (72") for that little room so I am not sure if 2 hung windows or 3 hung windows will look the best.

This is where the old drywall was planted when I was done with it inside!!

Annie was making sure that I positioned it correctly.  Thanks, Annie!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ah, the Hippy Dippy Do 60's . . .

I have known for a long time that the bullet holes in the windows was letting in the outside humidity in buckets full but I had no idea how much!!

Last week I was talking to my new neighbor and he has a little house across the street that is about 1/2 the size of my house.  I was complaining about getting into a wet nightgown and into wet sheets and he said he had a large dehumidifier and he emptied the water reservoir a couple of times a day.

Now, I had purchased a small table top dehumidifier several weeks ago but it did not seem to do much so I broke down and got a 50 pint dehumidifier ~

Well, it works great!!  The first day I had to empty the reservoir 2 times!!  That is 100 pints of water!!  Yikes!!  One pint equals 2 cups!!  That is a lot of water!!

I set it to 45% humidity and now I can get into a drier nightgown and dry sheets!!  Hallelujah!!

So, I have been trying to decide what to do about the wet air coming into the windows through the bullet holes and I came up with a solution.  When I first got here, I hung a shirt in the kitchen window, mainly to keep the cold air from coming in ~

You might remember this from a previous post.  Well, I am happy to say, I now have bright flowers and hearts covering the holes in the windows all through the house!!

Now, we'll see if the dehumidifier has to work less and produces less water.  I do take the water outside and water the lawn in the front yard!!  Ya know, it is best to recycle!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Old McDonald Had a Farm . . .

I have been leaving all the drywall I am removing from the walls inside the house in the event it might rain and make it more difficult to bag up the drywall and take it to the dump - an expensive proposition.

Well, I was talking to a friend last week about how the renovation is going and she said she has a drywaller friend who has a farmer call him every year and ask for all the old drywall that he removes from the projects he is working on.  Why you ask?

So that he can lay it out in his fields in the fall before the rains come.  The rain then soaks the drywall, the drywall breaks up and the gypsum, the stuff drywall is made of, can be tilled into the ground to make the soil less acid.

So, yesterday I threw all the drywall I had previously removed from the bedroom walls out the window and placed it out all over the 3-foot tall grass.

Now, all the grass underneath the drywall will will break up under the drywall and in the spring we will get a rototiller and till in all the disintegrated drywall and the grassy mulch.  Then we can decide where the garden will go!

Ha! Not expensive trips to the dump and no more grass to mow!!

Also, I was up in Newport, Oregon vending at a quilt show this past weekend and I asked a friend from Church if he would drive by the house on his way to and from work just to make sure everything was okay.

Not only did he make sure that the house was safe, but when I got home at 9:00 p.m. Saturday night after a long weekend this is what I cam home to ~

Wow!!  The entire front yard had been mowed.  I burst into tears Saturday night and thanked Heavenly Father for all the wonderful people He has put into my life!!  Thanks, Norbert, you are an Angel!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Well, not much has been going on renovation-wise here in Bandon because I have been preparing for two quilt shows, this coming weekend in Newport, OR and next weekend in Klamath Falls, OR.

But I did get the new door handle and dead bolt in yesterday!!  I have only had it since the first week I was here!!  Yikes, how time flies!!

It took me forever to get it straight or so I thought it was straight!!  Now that I see it in this picture, it's a little skeewumpus!  But at least it works and now I can lock the door while I am away.  And thank you to my dear friend Joan for helping me with the cost!!  Joan wanted me to be safe!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Woman's Perogative!!

I changed my mind about what to get done this morning!!  I was going to work in the Scary Bathroom but it was so beautiful this morning, I decided to work outside.  For those of you who are experiencing a heatwave right now, I am here to tell you that even with the temperature here at 63 degrees, when the humidity is 70% it is hot and muggy!!

But I got a lot done this morning and now I am drinking a ton of water so my calves don't get charley horses tonight!!

If you remember, here is what the front yard looked like before ~

I thought I had a better close-up picture but this is all I can find right now.

This is what it looks like now~

I still have some weeding to do but at least I got all the junk out of the front yard!

And I have this much mowed!

Oh, and I forgot to post this picture in this morning's post but this is the sky I woke up to today!!

Kelly is On His Way . . .

so these past few days I have been getting all the drywall out of the bedroom that is going to be mine so Kelly can get his stuff in the bed...