Monday, August 9, 2021

Ok, I Promised Janet O That I Would . . .

start up again on this blog as there has been a lot accomplished since my last post on May 9, 2020.  This has been quite the year plus with Civid-19 restrictions, my heart issues that have caused me to have no energy until 2 months ago and Kelly having to work full-time now that the hotels in Bandon have been able to open.

I think I will start with the walkway for my quilting clientele.  You can find the prep work HERE when Kelly dug up the pathway in June, 2019.  It then sat dormant for a long time and during that  time the weeds came back in mass!!

So, after cleaning it alllll back out again, the work on the walkway could commence!!

While Kelly was cleaning out the weeds again, I cut the boards.

Boards are already!!

Then we laid weed barrier before putting in the foundation. 

We started with a small piece of the foundation to make sure that we had the ground leveled properly with sand and that the walkway would be good and sturdy!!

Lookin' Good!!

 Until next time!!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Oh My Gosh, A New Post!! Whaaaaaat?

It has been a long time since I have posted and I owe apologies to all my sweet friends who were following this journey!!  We have actually gotten a lot done in the last couple of months (and not much before that due to too many things going on in our lives).

First, we have been scrambling since the first part of the year to find a way to re-fiancne a house that is not done enough to get a mortgage on it and the guy we bought it from was not too excited about extending our original loan past the first of June.

Thank goodness for my dear, dear friends, T and Jason who have so kindly agreed to loan us the money to pay off the original owner and allow us to make payments like a normal mortgage.  The mental stress of not knowing if we would lose our home was almost too much!!  But now I can take the time to sit down and show off some of the work that has been going on around here.

Today, while Kelly was putting in a new window into the scary bathroom ~

I was out in the back mowing the lawn down from 24 inches to what you see here!!

We are sooooo excited to move forward with our home.  I'll be sharing more pictures from the past few months and I will make sure I keep up to date on anything we do moving forward!!

Thanks, T and Jason, you are Angels here on earth!!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Master Bathroom is . . .

being prepared to get the plumbing done!!

Kelly worked for hours today removing the toilet and plugging off the old plumbing and creating big holes in the floor to allow the plumbers to place the new plumbing on Monday.

This is the old toilet.  For some stoopid reason, they had it set at an angle ~

Kelly removed the toilet ~

And opened a hole for  the plumbers to get into.

See the little white garbage can off to the left upper part of the picture?  That is where this old, nasty, leaking water heater lived.  That came out and we need to fix the water soaked floor under where it used to be.

This is where the old tub was located and we are going to have a 4 foot wide by 5 foot long walk in shower there!!

Then this is where the old sink was located and Kelly got that old plumbing removed!!

And here is sneak peek at the back of the new vanity sink that is going in the master bath!!

More next week!!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

We Have a Fun New Attraction Here in Bandon . . .

that comes right by our house a few times a week!!

This is Lily and she is a purebred Clydesdale!!

Monday, August 26, 2019

YAY!! The First Door Inside the House . . .

is up and ready for a doorknob!!  Dang that means I have to go shopping!!

We both had that rare afternoon when neither of us was working and so we took advantage of the situation and  . . .

We now have a door going into the Guest Suite!!  Pretty fun!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Long Due Update . . .

Kelly and I have been scrambling these past two months to just keep ahead of the game of life.  As such, nothing major is being worked on.  But we do have a couple of on-going projects that need to be updated!!

The first one is the back 40 (LOL - really only a 1/4 of an acre).  Slowly but surely, we have weed-eated and mowed so that the yard went from this ~

To this!!

Also, our little path from the parking area to the Cottage where Martha, my long arm, resides continues in earnest.

There were so many rocks in the soil that Kelly is having to shovel out the dirt and sift it to get the rocks out.  A long and tedious project!!

The dirt that has been sifted is beautiful and will find a home in other projects!!

The other continuing project, that is now complete, is a the grey water system Kelly is putting in for our new washing machine!!

First he dug a trench that is 12 inches deep, 10 inches wide and 24 feet 9 inches long (Kelly knew exactly!!) from the house out to the barrel that will collect the drained water.

Then he perforated the drain pipe and laid it for the drain ~

He then connected it to the pipe in the house that sits behind the washer ~ As you can see, there was a large concrete step and slab of concrete right where he needed to run the pipe, so he had to work around the concrete.

Next, he had to dig a hole that was about 28" in diameter and 2 feet deep to put the drain barrel and rocks.

This is the blue barrel that went into the hole.

Kelly cut it down to a bit shorter than the 2 feet, perforated the barrel with drain holes, put a layer of large rocks into the hole that were in the pathway in the front yard and ~

Then lowered the barrel into the hole and filled it with the remaining large rocks!!

Then around the outside of the barrel he used a lot of the smaller rocks from other projects to fill in the hole.

A friend of our's, who is a metal fabricator, made a steel lid with handles to cover the entire hole ~

Kel put the lid on the bin and covered it with dirt.

He also covered the entire trench with the sifted dirt from the pathway in the front yard ~

And now we just need to pack the dirt down by watering the area and compacting the dirt and then reseed it with grass!!

And this is the reason Kelly labored so hard for weeks on the grey water system!! TA! DA!

I wanted a washer and dryer that would be large enough to hold large quilts and the one guy that delivered them and set them up said that he had been a delivery guy for 20 years and had NEVER seen a washer and dryer this big!!  It is soooooooo nice not to have to go to the laundromat!!

I'll try to post more often!! 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Quilting Ladies Coming and Going . . .

from their cars across the uneven grass and to the Cottage.  I recruited Kelly to help me in another money free project to make a concrete block walkway from the parking to the cottage.  Well, the digging is the money-free part!!

When he got to one point in the path, he came across at least a million rocks!!

I got the job of removing the rocks from the path and carrying them away to another part of the yard where we are going to use those rocks in our grey water drainage system.

Next we are going to make our own 24" x 12" blocks because to buy blocks is going to cost us an arm and a leg.

Stay tuned . . .

Ok, I Promised Janet O That I Would . . .

start up again on this blog as there has been a lot accomplished since my last post on May 9, 2020.  This has been quite the year plus with ...