Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Old McDonald Had a Farm . . .

I have been leaving all the drywall I am removing from the walls inside the house in the event it might rain and make it more difficult to bag up the drywall and take it to the dump - an expensive proposition.

Well, I was talking to a friend last week about how the renovation is going and she said she has a drywaller friend who has a farmer call him every year and ask for all the old drywall that he removes from the projects he is working on.  Why you ask?

So that he can lay it out in his fields in the fall before the rains come.  The rain then soaks the drywall, the drywall breaks up and the gypsum, the stuff drywall is made of, can be tilled into the ground to make the soil less acid.

So, yesterday I threw all the drywall I had previously removed from the bedroom walls out the window and placed it out all over the 3-foot tall grass.

Now, all the grass underneath the drywall will will break up under the drywall and in the spring we will get a rototiller and till in all the disintegrated drywall and the grassy mulch.  Then we can decide where the garden will go!

Ha! Not expensive trips to the dump and no more grass to mow!!

Also, I was up in Newport, Oregon vending at a quilt show this past weekend and I asked a friend from Church if he would drive by the house on his way to and from work just to make sure everything was okay.

Not only did he make sure that the house was safe, but when I got home at 9:00 p.m. Saturday night after a long weekend this is what I cam home to ~

Wow!!  The entire front yard had been mowed.  I burst into tears Saturday night and thanked Heavenly Father for all the wonderful people He has put into my life!!  Thanks, Norbert, you are an Angel!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Well, not much has been going on renovation-wise here in Bandon because I have been preparing for two quilt shows, this coming weekend in Newport, OR and next weekend in Klamath Falls, OR.

But I did get the new door handle and dead bolt in yesterday!!  I have only had it since the first week I was here!!  Yikes, how time flies!!

It took me forever to get it straight or so I thought it was straight!!  Now that I see it in this picture, it's a little skeewumpus!  But at least it works and now I can lock the door while I am away.  And thank you to my dear friend Joan for helping me with the cost!!  Joan wanted me to be safe!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Woman's Perogative!!

I changed my mind about what to get done this morning!!  I was going to work in the Scary Bathroom but it was so beautiful this morning, I decided to work outside.  For those of you who are experiencing a heatwave right now, I am here to tell you that even with the temperature here at 63 degrees, when the humidity is 70% it is hot and muggy!!

But I got a lot done this morning and now I am drinking a ton of water so my calves don't get charley horses tonight!!

If you remember, here is what the front yard looked like before ~

I thought I had a better close-up picture but this is all I can find right now.

This is what it looks like now~

I still have some weeding to do but at least I got all the junk out of the front yard!

And I have this much mowed!

Oh, and I forgot to post this picture in this morning's post but this is the sky I woke up to today!!

Work is Progressing . . .

and the Scary Bathroom is not so scary ~

The big black bag is gone and you will be happy to know there was no body lurking inside!!

Vacuumed all the spiders off all the walls and floors.

Got the nasty sink and counter out.  As you can see there was a bit of mold behind the sink.  I was actually surprised there was not more throughout the entire bathroom.  I sprayed it down with straight bleach and then let it sit.  Now, I just need to be careful as I remove those pieces of drywall today.

And the bird poop medicine cabinet is gone forever!!

Now I just need to work on that tub and get the drywall and flooring OUT!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

This is the Door to the Scary Bathroom!!

Ok, I knew I was going to have to open this door at some point, so I decided this morning was the time!!  I am going to have to have this bathroom all demo'ed before I can get the water heater put in because I have decided to have the plumber complete the plumbing to the bathroom instead of the kitchen so that I will not only have hot water, but I will have a shower!!

The one and only redeeming aspect of this bathroom is the doorknob!  Once it gets all cleaned up it will be beautiful.  A glass knob is on both sides of the door.

Ok, here is the sink.  I know that squatters were living here sometime during the last eight years, but I didn't know that birds had also made it their home until I came in here to take pictures!!  Yikes!!

Oh, goodie - look, more spiders and snakes!!  And of course, this is where the toilet is supposed to go.  Funny thing is that the listing on this house said there bedrooms and ONE bath even though there are really 2 full baths!!  Ha!!  Ha!!  No toilet, no bathroom!!

And the tub!!  How can people live this way?  

Now I am hoping and praying that there is not some kind of dead body in this bag!!

More evidence of birdie residents!!

The little blue thing on the floor is my essential oils diffuser which has been a God-send!!  And man, I put this in the room a good hour before I actually walked in the door.  If you think it looks bad, just imagine it smelling a 100 times worse!!  The diffuser worked!! 

And finally, the incredibly beautiful floor.  I am thinking I should probably keep it.  NOT!!!

Ok, off to work I go!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

First Day on the Mud Room . . .

I got quite a bit done today in the mud room.  First, I got the drywall off of two walls ~

Now this would have driven me crazy knowing that the insulation was sitting under the drywall upside-down!!  It probably would have kept me up at night!!  LOL!!

Just full of creepy crawlies!!

And this nasty stuff was the old insulation that mice had made bedding and a nest out of!!  Luckily the mice were no longer living here!!

Once I got the insulation down and the spiders and snakes all vacuumed out with my trusty shop vac here are how the two walls look ~

And this is that corner that used to look like this ~

Then when I thought I was all done for the day, the guy I had called this morning to find out about moving the water heaters and the stove and taking them to the dump called and said he could come over this afternoon with one of his sons (he has 10 children and 8 of them are boys!!) and remove those three items.  So here is what things look like now ~




I had to drain both heaters.  Never even though about it until I moved this one out of the closet and and it was dang heavy.  That is what the little plastic container was for.  I watered the tall, tall, tall grass with the water I removed!  Waste not want not!!


I will have to replace this flooring because the water heater has leaked and I could probably just put my foot right through the flooring at that dark spot.  But I don't think I will!



Wow, that was so great to get those three things out of here!!  And the best part is that Doug (the man who removed them) is going to put them in his scrap pile instead of taking them to the dump to scrap and so instead of $30.00 plus dump fees, he was only going to charge me $20.00!!  Yikes, that is unheard of - I gave them $40.00 and still feel like I was ripping them off.

And here is the work horse that got all the work done today!!  She is tired and ready for bed!!  'Night and see you tomorrow ~

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Change in Plans . . .

Since I have gotten a storage unit and moved a lot of the fabric into the unit, there is a lot more room to move around and I do not need the studio right now.

So, I decided to change directions and the next project is to get the laundry/mud room ready so that I can get a water heater.  Not having hot water is really a drag!!

Here is what the laundry/mudroom looks like right now.

I am going to put down a new deck-like floor over the concrete so that the floor will be a bit higher and then I am going to do the walls in bead board with ship lap on the ceiling and a door with a window in the top part.  Something like this ~

Image from Lowes
And then when the water heater is put in, I am going to have the plumber run pipes to the guest bathroom so I can have hot water for showers!!

What that means though is that I am going to have to order a hazmat suit to get into that bathroom and get that cleaned out and ready for plumbing!!  Yikes!!  Pictures to follow as soon as I am not afraid to open that door!!

Old McDonald Had a Farm . . .

I have been leaving all the drywall I am removing from the walls inside the house in the event it might rain and make it more difficult to b...