Saturday, March 30, 2019

Work Continues in the Mud Room . . .

We have been getting the glass block window framing ready to go for the glass block window.

First we had to tear out the frame that was already there . . .

And then rebuild the frame to fit the new window.

I wanted a little deeper sill for plants since this is a north facing window.  And also a bit of a rounded finish on the ends. 

The metal bar at the bottom and along the sides is to help the mortar stick to the bare wood better.

And then the installation.  Man, I'll tell ya, the guys on the YouTubes make it look so easy!!  NOT!!  You would think that those guys on YouTube had installed block windows a million times!!

So, here is how we ended a long day - with a big mess on our hands that we will need to clean up and apply more mortar.

But it's in and now that the mortar is dry, it is solid as a rock.  So, we think we will be spending Saturday cleaning and making sure that the mortar is everywhere it is supposed to be!!  :-)

Friday, March 29, 2019

I Took a Bath Saturday Night . . .

in our new bathtub.

Last Friday afternoon, Judah, our plumber was to come and finish up the plumbing in our bathroom.  But the job he was doing right before ours took longer than he thought and he didn't get everything done because he got here so late.

He did though, get the tub installed!!

Then, Saturday afternoon, his Dad came and did just enough additional plumbing so we could take a bath.  YAY!!

So, I took a bath Saturday night!!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

We Had a Productive Week . . . .

The rest of the decking boards in the mud room got laid . . .

And we decided to wait until the back door got installed before staining the rest of the boards because it is taking about a week for the stain to dry.

Today Kelly spent the whole day, with a little help from his Sister, getting the back door in.  If you remember, this is the $10.00 solid wood door we got from Habitat for Humanity ~

I started stripping it but didn't get very far.  Well, today it is hung and ready for the finishing touches next week!!

And as you can see, we cut out the top two panels so I can put a window in there.  That way, the mud room will have more light!!

 It's still a little scallywompus but we are going to get that fixed!!

This was a very exciting project to get done!!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Wow!! Hot Water . . . What a Concept!!

This has been quite the month!!  Life here at the ocean has been full of fun and frustration!!  Always with a renovation, I know, but these past two weeks have brought the ultimate joy of finally having hot water!!

We were having such a difficult time figuring out how to do the venting for the plumbing in the bathroom that we decided to splurge and buy 3-4 hours of real live plumbers!!  Well, those 3-4 hours turned into 6-1/2 hours with two plumbers doing their thing!!  YIKES!!

It was wonderful though!!  First, we now have hot water!!  We're in heaven!!

Plus we are all plumbed for the kitchen sink, where we now have the hot water and plumbed for the washer and dryer and the utility sink in the laundry room.

And we have a toilet in the SCARY bathroom ~

But alas, after 2 flushes it stopped working!!  Now the plumbers had told us there was standing water in the pipe leading to the new toilet but they didn't say or know why.  I think they may have known but just didn't want to tell us!!

So we spent $145.00 to have the toilet snaked and nothing changed.

Because  . . .

we had MAJOR septic tank issues.  The young man that snaked the toilet went out and looked at the septic tank and pulled out the pump and broke off a piece of PVC and said there was no electricity to the pump!!

ELECTRICITY???  A septic tank has an electric pump that needs to have electricity flowing to it??  Whaaattt?? Well no wonder the septic tank had major problems.  There has been nothing to pump the literal crap out of the septic tank for as long as I have lived here (almost 22 months) and probably even longer!!

Oh, my!!  So, that cute young man, his name is Tommy, said he could fix the whole system the next day (yesterday).  And dang, he actually came out, did the work and now the toilet flushes.  In fact I know that from personal experience!!  :-))

This is Tommy working on the septic tank!!  Man, he must have a nose of steel to work around that smell all day!!

 This is the old pump!

And this is the new used pump!!

Needless to say we are totally broke and will just have to work on projects for awhile with stuff we already have around the house.

The plumbers come again on March 21st to finish up the bathroom plumbing.  At that point we will have a vanity with sink - hot and cold water!!  Yay!!  And the beginnings of the tub/shower!!  Before the plumbers come back out we have to level the floor joists in the bathroom, lay down a new plywood sub-floor and get the tub in place.

Until next time, thanks for sharing this fun journey with us!!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Janet Wanted to Know . . . the Rest of the Story!!

So, at the end of a lonnnnng, exhausting Saturday, we still had no water but both Kelly and I know more about how a well works and all it little parts than most people on the whole planet!!

We rested on Sunday and then Monday morning, back out to see if we could figure out the problem.  There just HAD to be a solution!!

First, we had to add air to the pressure tank to make it it was working.  Still nothing!!  Then we pulled the pressure tank out, emptied the little water that was in there.  Re-attached it, added more air to right amount.  Still nothing!!

Then, I thought, ya know, that pressure switch looks a little wonky, so I put in a new switch.  Nothing!!

Then we finally admitted defeat and called the Well guy.  He came out Tuesday morning early and knew right off the bat what the problem was!!  Nothing Kelly and I ever could have guessed in a million years!!

His name was Jimmy and he was just as cute as he could be!!

First, he asked us if the pump had been re-wired recently.  I told him yes.  He opened up the back of the pump and said the pump was set for 110 electricity and we now had it wired for 220.

BOOM!!  Fixed just like that, Janet!!  And we now have water again and learned lots and lots of good stuff in the meantime!!

And that is the rest of this story!!  Happily ever after!!  THE END!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother . . .

so says Robin Williams quoting Sigmund Freud!! :-)

Late Friday afternoon, well of course, our well stopped working and we had no water to the house!!  So, on Saturday, and I mean ALL day Saturday we worked on the well!!

This is the housing to the well.  We had to break the PVC pipe away from the pump so we could open the well cover.  It had 4 very rusty and big bolts on the top.  I covered all 4 bolts in WD-40 and then proceeded to slowly remove the four bolts.

In retrospect, we should have only loosened the bolts and not removed then completely because when we wrangled the top off, half of the big metal plate that was under the top metal plates and an inch thick rubber gasket fell into the well!!  Oh, well!!

Next we pulled out the pipe that goes does to the bottom of the well to see if the foot plate was clogged with clay, causing it to not close after the pump pulls the water up from the bottom.   It seemed fine.  That pipe was about 15 feet long, so that is just a bit shorter than how deep the well is.  Here on the Oregon coast, the wells are not too deep because the water table is so high.

After we got the pipe back into the well and the cover on the well housing, we had to repair the PVC pipe to the pump.  We MacGyver'ed the missing well cover plate that fell into the well using bolts and washers 3 deep to hold on the top plate.

When we removed the pipe, it damaged the screw-in part (that's the official name of that white part coming out of the pump - "screw-in part")

We hoped it was not damaged enough to prevent us from putting on a new coupling.  Even though it looked bad, we were able to get the new coupling attached.

We had to cut this pipe and add some length in order for it to fit.

Ready for repairs!!

New coupling fits safe and sound.

And the pump was attached back to the well with the repaired pipe.

Then we wanted to prime the pump.  That funnel is where we poured water until the well pipe filled up.  That way the  pump doesn't have to work so hard when we turn the pump back on.

So, now it is all together and ready to start up again!!  NOT!!  Still doesn't work.  By this time we have been working about 6 hours and Kelly and I are both exhausted!!

So, we unhooked everything again, pulled the 15 foot pipe back out of the well and replaced the foot plate with a new one, thinking that maybe the valve in the old foot was not closing and preventing the water to fall back down the pipe into the well.

Then we put everything back together AGAIN and started it up!!  Nothing!!  So we called it a day and went without water all weekend.  Dejavu from when I first moved into the house in June, 2017.

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Plumbing Project Has Officially Begun!!

We have put this project off for months.  Partly out of fear and the other part out of fear!!  But Kelly spent yesterday and today watching plumbing YouTubes and has now installed the Manifold and drilled all the holes for the PEX pipe to go through!!

Plus, we picked out the stain for the mudroom decking.  This is close to the color.

Tomorrow is a rain-less day, so I am going to be staining the boards, hopefully out in the sun!!

Work Continues in the Mud Room . . .

We have been getting the glass block window framing ready to go for the glass block window. First we had to tear out the frame that was...