Thursday, July 12, 2018

Update on the Re-Wiring Project . . .

Oh, man!!  Ok, so if you have been following my blog, you might remember that the original electrician started the re-wiring on our house on January 3, 2018.  By the middle of May he was no where near even getting to the rough-in inspection, so I fired him.

On the same day I fired him I found out he was put in jail for 30 days on some old and reoccuring environmental problems he has on his own property.

So, I asked around and finally settled on a new electrician.  I set up a date for him to come look at our project (a week after our phone conversation) the end of May and on the day he was to come out, he didn't come out or call or text or whatever!!  Whew!  But I finally got a hold of him by text the next day and he said he could be here around noon.

Now we knew when we originally spoke with Lloyd on the phone that he would not be able to start until August or September and we were okay with that as long as it could be done before it got cold again.

Long story short, he came out said he would give us a bid (which included not using much of the previous guy's work, having us put all the stuff in the house into PODS and possibly us moving out for the 2 weeks it would take to complete plus at a higher price than the first guy) and if we accepted it he could start in late August, early September.

Next thing I know I get an email from him a week or so later and said he got the school district bid (that he told us about when he came out to look at the job) and that he could not do our job at all!!

WHAT???? Just another flaky contractor!!  This little area along these beach towns have a lot of flaky contractors!!  So, I guess I really shouldn't be too surprised!!

Bottom line:  Kelly and I are going to do it ourselves!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

So, I Got Curious!!

We were putting up a tall rod so the Internet guy could run the cable from the pole to the house and we had to attach it to the wall with some wooden blocks.

While were working on it, I got curious and wanted to see what was under the nasty T-11 siding.  Here is what we found!!

More nasty stuff!!  We will need to really save our money to figure out what we are going to do with this mess!!  YIKES!!
Update on the electrical!!

We met with a new electrician yesterday that is so busy that he can pick and choose what jobs he wants to do.  And what has to be done (by us) in order to have him do it.  He wants to NOT use any of the electrical the last guy put in, he wants us to rent a POD(s) and move everything out of the house and he he would like it if we would leave for a couple of weeks while he does the work.  On top of that he said he is quite expensive and he is sure his bid is going to be more than the first guy's bid.  So, Kelly and I are thinking that we may try to do the rest of the work ourselves.  Just THINKING at this point in time!!  I am so frustrated right now that I just want to sit down and cry!!  But, it's a new day and with Heavenly help we too will get through this newest trial!!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Walls are Starting to Look Like Walls!!

With Kelly working full-time things are going to take a lot longer to get done around here.  We did get the hallway shiplap started and so far we are loving it.

I paint about 12-16 boards at a time after Kel has cut the edges and then on his days off we hang whatever I have painted.

We still need to countersink the nails, putty them over and touch up the paint.

What do you think?

A week from today the new electrician comes by to see if he will even take over the electrical from the work of the other guy and we will also find out how much more it is going to cost to get the job done.  This new electrician is so busy that even though he is going to come look next week, if he decides to take the job he can't even start until sometime in August!!  Yikes!!

In the meantime I am working on learning how to be a longarm quilter!!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Another "Woman's Perogative" Going on Here . . .

Well, we were going to work on the guest bathroom during Kelly's days off this week but we decided that since our "ship lap" boards had arrived we would work on them instead.

Here are the boards ~

Man, are they purdy!!

Here are the boards after Kelly cut them to turn them into "ship lap" and I have primed them.

Here they are painted but it's hard to see the color.

Here is the color it is supposed to be.  The best match is the counter base in the lower right corner. but not quite that dark.

We are going to start putting the ship lap up in the hallway so that we have a real wall for the bathroom.  Here is the bathroom wall right now ~

Ha! Ha!  A bed sheet and a wall of insulation!!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Time to Start Working on the Mud Room . . .

that will hold the washer and dryer, a deep utility sink, a laundry-folding table (with storage under it) and the hotwater heater!  Kelly is at work today but has Monday and Tuesday off so we thought we would work on the Guest bathroom plumbing and that will include running lines to the hotwater heater and everything else in the mud room too.

So, I decided to start ripping out the nasty walls so we would have nice new walls to attach the plumbing to ~

These walls face the west side of the house and we have been told that here at the coast, the west side always gets the worst of the weather.

Plus we were told by neighbors that the guy who sold the house to us put up those wide boards at the bottom to cover up the rot!!  LOL!!

As you can see there is a lot of rot at the bottom and along side the door.  I decided that the entire sheet of T-11 siding had to go.

This is what I found under the one sheet plus ants galore ~

And this is what is going to be under the other side ~

I was hoping it was going to be exterior ship lap but it is neither and they are both different.  What is wrong with people?  Some of the framing is also rotted out so these two walls are going to need a major overhaul.  Really felt good to get outside and pound a hammer and crowbar!!

Friday, June 1, 2018

With the Gorgeous Weather . . .

anything being done around the house is being done outside.  Kelly spent a day last week, and I do mean a big part of the day, out at the burn pile and he got a lot of the crappy wood that has been pulled from projects all burned down.

And then I have been working out in the back 40 weedeating down the forest and cutting tree limbs from the big tree that was all the way down to the ground.

Ha! Ha!  I thought I was going to find some kind of dead body under this black tarp!!  Yikes!!

Also, we worked on the canal that runs along the street side of the property.  This is what it looked like before the weedeater got a hold of it ~

And this is what it looks like now!!

There is still lots to do and the grass continues to grow so fast that it needs the regular mowing job a couple of times a week.  But we are supposed to have lots of sunny days ahead and so if I get a bit done each day we may see the end of it.

Kelly got his dream job at at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort  ~

and even though he really only wanted part-time, this time of year he is going to be working 40 hours plus a week, so we are thinking not too much is going to happen at the house.  Plus, we still need to figure out the electrician situation, so we'll see!!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Five Weeks Have Come and Gone . . .

and Kelly is back from his 5 weeks in Paris and Italy.

He had a wonderful time and the entire time he was gone I did practically nothing around the house as far as big projects go.

I did empty lots of boxes and took 4 trips up to the Hospice Thrift Store with lots of donations.  I tried to clear out the great room area as much as possible so we don't live like total hoarders but there is still a long way to go.

Here are before pictures to remind you what it did look like ~

It was absolutely driving me crazy, so even though we have a lonnnnnng way to go here is what we have now ~

We can walk straight through without tripping over something or running into something else!!  But we are in much smaller quarters than where we moved from so a lot of things just have to go.  Kelly has already started getting things ready for a yard sale the middle of June and I think that will help!!

Also, the yard is looking better.  With this gorgeous weather we are having, it is fun to be outside and get some work done.  Only thing about all the sunshine is that the grass literally grows 2 inches a day so it has to be mowed about every 4-5 days.

FINALLY, the biggest thing I did was fire the electrician!!  Here it is 5-1/2 months from the day he started and we are still a million miles away from being done.  And here is the funny thing - I had decided a week ago Sunday that I had had it but wanted to wait until Kelly got home to see if he was on board with it.  So then the next day after that Sunday, I found out he was in jail for 30 days on some environmental mess he has on his property that he just refuses to fix.  This is the second time he has spent in jail over the matter!!  Heavenly Father works in wonderful, mysterious ways!!

I'm at a Quilt Show this weekend but on Monday we are going to start cutting and painting the shiplap and get a few walls up!!  Hoo!  Hoo!!

Update on the Re-Wiring Project . . .

Oh, man!!  Ok, so if you have been following my blog, you might remember that the original electrician started the re-wiring on our house on...