Monday, January 14, 2019

If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother . . .

so says Robin Williams quoting Sigmund Freud!! :-)

Late Friday afternoon, well of course, our well stopped working and we had no water to the house!!  So, on Saturday, and I mean ALL day Saturday we worked on the well!!

This is the housing to the well.  We had to break the PVC pipe away from the pump so we could open the well cover.  It had 4 very rusty and big bolts on the top.  I covered all 4 bolts in WD-40 and then proceeded to slowly remove the four bolts.

In retrospect, we should have only loosened the bolts and not removed then completely because when we wrangled the top off, half of the big metal plate that was under the top metal plates and an inch thick rubber gasket fell into the well!!  Oh, well!!

Next we pulled out the pipe that goes does to the bottom of the well to see if the foot plate was clogged with clay, causing it to not close after the pump pulls the water up from the bottom.   It seemed fine.  That pipe was about 15 feet long, so that is just a bit shorter than how deep the well is.  Here on the Oregon coast, the wells are not too deep because the water table is so high.

After we got the pipe back into the well and the cover on the well housing, we had to repair the PVC pipe to the pump.  We MacGyver'ed the missing well cover plate that fell into the well using bolts and washers 3 deep to hold on the top plate.

When we removed the pipe, it damaged the screw-in part (that's the official name of that white part coming out of the pump - "screw-in part")

We hoped it was not damaged enough to prevent us from putting on a new coupling.  Even though it looked bad, we were able to get the new coupling attached.

We had to cut this pipe and add some length in order for it to fit.

Ready for repairs!!

New coupling fits safe and sound.

And the pump was attached back to the well with the repaired pipe.

Then we wanted to prime the pump.  That funnel is where we poured water until the well pipe filled up.  That way the  pump doesn't have to work so hard when we turn the pump back on.

So, now it is all together and ready to start up again!!  NOT!!  Still doesn't work.  By this time we have been working about 6 hours and Kelly and I are both exhausted!!

So, we unhooked everything again, pulled the 15 foot pipe back out of the well and replaced the foot plate with a new one, thinking that maybe the valve in the old foot was not closing and preventing the water to fall back down the pipe into the well.

Then we put everything back together AGAIN and started it up!!  Nothing!!  So we called it a day and went without water all weekend.  Dejavu from when I first moved into the house in June, 2017.

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Plumbing Project Has Officially Begun!!

We have put this project off for months.  Partly out of fear and the other part out of fear!!  But Kelly spent yesterday and today watching plumbing YouTubes and has now installed the Manifold and drilled all the holes for the PEX pipe to go through!!

Plus, we picked out the stain for the mudroom decking.  This is close to the color.

Tomorrow is a rain-less day, so I am going to be staining the boards, hopefully out in the sun!!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Got All the Flooring Cut . . .

and mostly into place!!

We decided to get 1"x8" boards and also decided to get the clear pine.  When we found out the cost of these boards here locally, I went "yikes"!!  Let's look at Home Depot and Lowes to see if we can save some money!

Well, I checked both places - Home Depot did not even carry 1"x8"x8' pine boards and the ones at Lowes were almost twice as much as the local lumber yard!!  That's crazy!!  But true, so off I went this morning down to Bandon Supply and bought all 18 boards they had in stock!!

Here is my mickey-mouse board leveler!!  :-))

Here are the first boards going down.

All cut the right length and placed where they belong but before we can screw them in place, we have to make a few fixes and get the new plumbing put in place under the boards along the edge of the house.

Before I actually saw the boards, I thought we would paint them, maybe black and white checked flooring.  But after seeing how gorgeous this clear pine is, I don't want to cover up the beauty of the wood with paint.  Instead we are going use deck stain and stain them.  Probably a light grey that will allow the beauty of the knots and grain to show through!!

P.S. Kelly went to work this morning just to get laid off.  So, now we hope to have the time to work on the house with all the stuff we have been buying all through this past year and then we'll have to wait until Kelly gets a job to continue the work!!  It's seems like when there is the time to do the work, there is no money to get the materials and when there is money for the materials, there is no time to work on the house because we are out making money!!  Funny how that works!!

Until next time!!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Now onto the Decking . . .

in the mudroom.  Here's what we got done today between raindrops!!

First, we had to clean everything out of the room!!  That bin in the middle had 300 pounds of cement in it that had to be moved!!  Ha! Ha!  I could only move one at a time!!

Then the 2"x6" boards had to be laid and screwed into the four walls and then the remaining 2 floor joists cut, put in place and screwed down.

The concrete floor underneath is so not level so the first thing Monday will be to cut shims to place under the floor joists.  That will make the floor much more solid once we put down the planks across the joists.  Kelly has to work Monday but I hope to get the planks purchased and some of them put in place!!

Until then . . .

Friday, January 4, 2019

We Got the Walls Up . . .

on the mudroom yesterday before the rains came today.  I couldn't post until this morning because we were still stapling the tar paper onto the plywood last night using a flashlight to see the last half hour and I couldn't get a final picture until this morning!!

First, off with the old!!

That included all the studs and the sill plates on both sides of the door in the middle.  I guess I only took a picture of the one side without the studs and sill plate but the entire wall was removed.

Then new pressure-treated sill plates and new studs went up across the whole back wall.

Once all the studs and sill plates were in place, we put up the plywood walls that will go under the new ship-lap we are going to make and put up.

Here's a look at the inside all fresh and new!!

Going back through time, here are pictures of how it looked originally!!

Finally, as the day ended and the dark fell upon us, we got the last staples in the tar paper and now the walls are protected again the rains that came this morning and apparently all this coming week.

We wanted to start working the the new deck that is going to be built over the concrete floor in the mudroom today but both of us are walking around like a couple of old people.  So, we will probably wait until tomorrow to start the new deck!! And then again, maybe we might do a bit later this afternoon!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Exciting News!!

Yesterday when we were tearing off the walls of the mudroom we ended up tearing some of the T-111 off from the main part of the house . . .

Kelly noticed that it was the desired ship-lap that we were hoping was under there!!  And, it looked like it was in pretty good shape.

We were hoping there was ship-lap because when we tore off the drywall in the office several months ago, we found this ~

And this wall was part of the original house build in 1949 way before the addition was built.  Which made us think the entire original house would be ship-lap.

So, this afternoon, I went to the front corner of the house to see if the ship-lap extended all the way around the original house.

And it looks like it does!!  Plus, it is in excellent condition!!  We are thrilled.

Now, we are going to wait until Kelly's new Christmas present arrives . . .

I originally got him a bandsaw, but I got the wrong thing so after finding out there is ship-lap under the T-111, we decided that a router and a router table would be the best tool for his new workshop so we can cut our own new exterior ship-lap where it is bad in some places . . .

It looks like there may have been a door here before they put in the window, so this will be one place (and I am sure there will be others) that will need the new ship-lap we will make.

Fun, fun, fun!!

And this is what Kelly got accomplished today!!  New storage unit all primed and ready for paint on the next sunny day!!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

It's a Glorious, Sunny Day on the Oregon Coast!!

And so, Kelly and I used the opportunity to do some outside work on the house.

Right now Kelly is not working much but might, just might, get a full-time job the end of February.  So we have decided that we are going to do some work every day on the house and hopefully have a full working bathroom, hot water, a working mud room and a new farm sink in the kitchen before he goes to work full-time!!

Pretty ambitious but here's what we got done today!!

This is the north wall of the mudroom.  We are tearing all the old rotting T-111 off the whole house and we were hoping there was old ship-lap underneath, but our hopes were dashed!!

This is how far we got on the north wall and now the nasty siding is off far enough for us to put in the  glass block window we bought for this hole.  Off to You-tube to find out how to install a glass block window!!  Oh, my, what did we ever do before Youtube?

Here's where we started today on the west wall of the mudroom.  Pollie is out here supervising!!

These rotted sill plates are the reason we have to remove the entire wall.  So we can replace the sill plates with pressure-treated wood this time around.

More rotted sill plate on the other side of the door opening and more wall removal!!

Here's where we ended the day!!  Ya, know, these two old farts just can't put in as many hours of hard work a day like we used to when we were younger!!

Kelly is now out in the sun tending a fire to get rid of all the nasty old wood we have been accumulating during the No Burn season.  And I am inside working on the binding of a quilt - one of my very most favorite things to do!!

Until next time . . .

If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother . . .

so says Robin Williams quoting Sigmund Freud!! :-) Late Friday afternoon, well of course, our well stopped working and we had no water ...