Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes . . .

I can only do so much of the heavy tearing out of drywall and pulling wood trim off of windows and closets.

So, I always like to have an easier (physically) job to work on while my old body takes a break from the heavy labor.  Today I am going to start cleaning out this little shed in the back yard so that I can put my table saw in there.

It always amazing me how some people live.

Looks like someone was sleeping in here at one time!!  Yikes!!

This picture is for all my friends back in Utah!!  LOL!!

Monday, June 26, 2017

First Things First . . .

Before I moved here, I knew the pump on the well was not working.  I called the pump guy that the owner suggested before moving and he agreed to meet me on Friday afternoon (the day we arrived) after 3 p.m.  Well, 3 p.m. came and went and finally at around 6 o'clock I called and left a message.  I then called his emergency number twice over the weekend and still no answer.

Monday morning I called the other pump company here locally and they were out on jobs all day but Wendy told me the pump guy would call me Tuesday morning!!  Well, dang, Barney did call Tuesday morning and was out to the house in 45 minutes!!

In order to save some money, I cleaned all of this out of the pump house and scrapped all the mud and crap off the floor.

This is the new pump!!

This is the new tank and now I have water to the house!

This is the roof of the pump house and I am going to need to shore it up until I can get out there and clean all the ivy off the roof and eventually build a fun new pump house out there!!

The joke during the 4 day that I did not have water at the house (oh, and there was no toilet that I would ever get within 5 feet from anyway) was that when my niece Deborah called she had to leave a message because I was in the grocery store restroom washing my hair!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm Home!!

Here is the new house!!

After I got here, I spoke with the previous owner and the house has not been lived in for 8 years!!

The previous owner advised me that some kids had come through and shot a bunch of the windows up with a BB gun.

There is an old part of the house and a new part.  This is in the old part and the electrical will definitely need to be updated!!

Everything is just nasty!!  I did not dare take pictures of the toilet!!  Yukko!!

This sky light could be very cool once I get it cleaned up and get item enclosed.  It is right over the kitchen sink!!

I am just glad someone has not been living in this house in the shape it is in!!  Stay tuned!!

Update on the Re-Wiring Project . . .

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