Friday, November 10, 2017

We Worked Around the Rain Today . . .

and got the front window in!!

And this is my view from inside!! Dang electrical lines!!

Now we just have to get the door on and the two vents in and we are done until Monte gets the roof completed next week!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Winds Raged and the Rain Came Down in Torrents . . .

and we had to go out and get up high on a ladder and nail one of the roof panels down because the wind was threatening to rip it off!!

And then after the wind and the rain we saw this ~

The rainbow went all the way across from one pot of gold to another pot of gold!!

And then more rain tomorrow!!  Loving this Bandon weather!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Great, Full Day Before the Rain Comes Tomorrow!!

Oh, we had such a productive day today!!  Kelly and Jordan got all the cross beams up on the trusses so we could get up on the roof and then when we got up on the roof, well Jordan did, it was just too scary for me to see him up there trying to hammer in the nails on the roofing.

So, we talked with a guy this evening who will come and safely get the roof done.  It will be money well spent!

We did get the 3 windows in today too!!  Kelly is adding exterior calking over the red tape that is both for water-proofing and insulating.  I learned how to do that on YouTube!!  Thank goodness for Youtube!!

Pretty spiffy, right??

Now just to remind you, the picture above is how the front of the Studio is SUPPOSED to look.  Well, I decided I wanted a big picture window out there instead of those doors (that we were never going to use) and so today we also framed in the front wall for a 6' by 3' window!!  

Not only will it give me more light but it will give me a view of the weather and the trees and the cars zooming down the road!!  If it is not still raining tomorrow after Kelly comes home from his interview for a Sommelier position at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, we are going to try to get that window installed.  Well, why not, heck we are pros now that we have installed the three small windows on the side!!  :-))

See ya all next time!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Ok, So This is a Great Story . . .

I was parked in the post office parking lot yesterday when a young healthy man in his mid 20s came up to my window and asked for a dollar or two.  I told him no and he walked away.  As I pulled out of the parking lot, I thought "hmmmm, I need a third set of hands to get the roof on the studio."  I went around the block, chatted with him for awhile and asked him if he wanted a job.

He said he lived with his grandmother and so I told him I would call him later in the day.  His grandmother answered the phone and I vetted this young man through his grandmother.  I then talked to him and hired him for this morning at 10:00 a.m.  Here is what we got done today . . .

We have to take the lower row of this side of the Studio off tomorrow because once we started putting on the other side, we realized we we had installed the wrong size panels.

The rest of the trusses and the whole roof got put on today!!  Ha!! Ha!!  We are so impressed with ourselves!!  Well, except for the boo boo on the other side of the roof!!  :-))

We had a great day to work and got so much done!!  Jordan did great!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another rain-less day and Jordan is coming over tomorrow morning to help again.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Our Angel Showed Up Today . . .

late in the afternoon and it was perfect timing!!  Again!!

Kelly and I had just gotten the back wall up, both the felt and the siding and almost totally nailed down . . .

when Elder Woolley (with two Ls) surprised us with a visit.

Kelly and I thought we were just about done for the day but Elder Woolley gave us new energy and we managed to make most of the trusses, get the top plate on the walls and get several of the trusses installed!

And then while we were out there round out 4:00, a bunch of trucks and guys came down the road and stopped right in front of the house.  They were there to put down new asphalt!!  What a treat!!

I went out and chatted with this guy for a few minutes and he said he was quite impressed with the job we were doing!!  I said "yeah, pretty good work for three senior citizens!!"  Well, at least two senior citizens, I am not sure if Elder Woolley qualifies for that distinction yet!!

We are hoping we have another rain-less day tomorrow so we can get up the third wall and maybe the front wall before the rains start up again on Thursday!!  Quite interesting to work your outdoor days so much around the weather!!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Beautiful Sunny Day in Bandon by the Sea!!

We started putting up the felt that will waterproof the studio.  We need to get one wall at a time felted and then the paneling up so that the felt won't tear in the event we get some good winds.  The weather channel said the wind is supposed to be very minor until tomorrow afternoon.

First wall completed.

Kelly also started working on the trusses this morning while I was down at the laundromat getting some laundry done.

Putting in the last nails of the day.  I still need to finish nailing tomorrow morning but we had enough today.  I think we are both still recovering from the day before yesterday.

Wow!!  It's looking' like a real building, isn't it!!

And as the studio get more and more completed, our pile of materials is dwindling!!

Tomorrow is going to be another sunny day with low winds so we are hoping to get the back wall and hopefully the window wall felted and paneled!!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Oh, Man 'O Man 'O Man is This Fun . . .

We had an incredibly beautiful day today to start working on the studio!!  The sun was out all day and there was hardly a stir of a breeze.  In fact it got so warm I had to go put on a short-sleeved t-shirt!!

I think this is what I was meant to do - build houses!!  In the early 1970's I studied architecture for a couple of years until I tried to get into a 4-year school and found out that wayyyy back in those days not too many schools of architecture accepted girls!!

So, I did the next best thing - I bought old fire-upper houses and fixed them up.  But on this house, I actually get to build a building ~

While Kelly was opening up and unloading the two pallets of building parts, I was sweeping off the remainder of the water on our beautiful concrete pad so we could start building!!

Once the supplies were opened up, we started pulling the boards we needed to make the window frames and then we got right down to the fun part!!

As you can see Annie is always around trying to help out.  Her new nickname is Spooky Face because I had her all shaved down because of all the mats (hey, I have never had a low-to-the-ground dog that needed so much maintenance and I did not know that Annie needed to be brushed EVERY day!!).  Those big black eyes were not visible under all her hair!!

Here is what we got accomplished before lunch ~

And then after lunch we almost got the entire first wall completed.  Once I got the hang of the window frames, the second two went much faster!!  So, we really got the time-consuming windows all framed and now tomorrow morning we can finish up with the final boards and then move onto the next step!!

As you can see the sun is going down and we have to say we are thrilled with the amount of work we got done today!!  Kelly is covering up the rest of the shed just incase it might even think about rain!!

Now for some Advil and a bit of hand-stitching tonight.

See you all tomorrow!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

This week's Progress . . .

We got quite a bit of work done this week despite both of us having a cold.  Kelly got the old tub out of the Scary Bathroom and we could see that there were mice living in that area.  Now all the mouse housings are shoveled away and the area has been shop vac-ed thoroughly.  The boards are down to keep new mice from coming up through the hole in the floor.

We have determined that the entire bathroom floor is going to have to come up completely and be replaced with marine-grade 3/4" plywood.

We have now officially broken through the drywall to two rooms.  This is a view from the guest bathroom into the guest room/my office.

Had to cover the toilet hole as the smell was getting bad, especially now that the bathroom is open to the guest room.

Sometimes I wonder what people were thinking when they built this place!!  Drywall over plywood???  Whaaaat?

Kelly also got a lot done.  Everything was covered with plastic first.

And then over the past two days, two of the walls in the his bedroom (the master bedroom) got finished.

Cleaning out the spiders and snakes!!

Tomorrow is going to be sunny so we are going to start work on the studio and storage room buildings!!  Pretty exciting stuff around here!!  We are also calling the guy that is going to help with the plumbing and we are hoping to get him out here next week so the plumbing can start going in!!  Hopefully hot water by Halloween!!

We Worked Around the Rain Today . . .

and got the front window in!! And this is my view from inside!! Dang electrical lines!! Now we just have to get the door on and...