Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Beautiful Winter Day in Bandon!!

The sun was out ALL day long, the temperature got up to 60 degrees and we got a lot of work done today.  Kelly is continuing his crusade to get the grounds around the house all cleaned up ~

He got all the blackberry vines and whatever else was growing on the fence removed.

Got most the tall grass weed eated down.

Fixed the holes in the fence so Annie can't escape!!

And has a pile for burning tomorrow.

This is all the hidden crap that we pulled out of the back part of the yard before Kelly removed the tall grass!!  We will need to make another run to the dump next week!!

More stuff!!

And we have no idea what this is, but it is buried so deep in the ground that I could not get it fully removed today.  We'll need to go in with a shovel tomorrow.

Then this morning I went to my Guild's Christmas party and had a ball!!  I have just met the nicest people since moving here to Bandon!!

But after I got home from partying, I painted one and half of the walls on the Studio~

You can see where it is starting to dry and it is drying a bit darker than when I put it on.  I thought though this was going to be a bit darker but I think it will be cute for the smaller building and then paint the house the same green but one shade darker!!

Looking forward to another warm sunny day tomorrow - a bit more painting and a bit more yard work!!  Maybe get inside and get that quilt top sandwiched!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  I love it when someone tells me they are following our progress!!


  1. Look at all the progress you and Kelly have made! Amazing!
    I'm glad you were able to go to the guild party and have some fun.
    Enjoy the 60s. We won't get above freezing until next week!!

  2. I love the paint color! And, that is one interesting item that is buried in your yard. It will be very interesting to see what it is, won't it? You may have a hidden treasure!!! LOL! Or at least something that may bring a bit of money from the aluminum or metal recycling center! It is so much fun seeing all the progress...I just love watching and thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Kris - this is Pam. Things are shaping up! Love the color of your studio! You guys have been busy.

  4. Love the treasures you found in the tall grass. This house, anytime I did I unearth something. China, a horseshoe, last time it was a counterweight from either an old sash window or a sliding door.


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