Friday, March 9, 2018

Beautiful Day to Build a Shed!!

We are trying to get all of our stuff out of the storage unit south of town and stop paying rent on it, so we are taking these gorgeous days between rainy, windy days to work on the shed behind the studio ~

Tomorrow morning, Elder Woolley is coming over to help us put up the trusses.  We are sad because Elder and Sister Woolley are going to be done with their mission a week from Monday and we will miss them greatly!!


  1. Wow you two are getting a lot done. I am always inspired.

  2. I hadn't realized that the shed was a separate structure. For some reason I had the mistaken impression that part of the studio structure was being partitioned off to be the storage area. Looks like you are making great headway.
    I'm sure it will be hard to say your good-byes to the Woolleys!


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