Saturday, September 8, 2018

A Little Bit Here, A Little Bit There . . .

between quilt shows, I have started my part on working on the Retreat.

The floor is plywood so it needs to be primed before laying down the peel and stick tile that we are going to use.

I chose a quieter looking tile for the floor ~

And I got excited and got Fredricka, my mid arm quilting machine and my new sewing machine table in and up.

The fabricator, Mike, down the street cut the legs on the long table so it would be even with Fredricka.  That way I can use the long table to hold a quilt while working on it and it will prevent drag on the quilt.

This 3-day weekend is the Cranberry Festival here in Bandon and we have a cute little quilt show and Boutique for the three days.  I am the token Vendor.  Tomorrow is the last day of the quilt show.

On Monday we are going to run the electrical wires here in the Retreat and I am going up to Coos Bay to get our electrical permit and call for an inspection to help determine where the fired electrician ended his work and where we need to go inside the house at this point.


  1. Oh, my goodness, Kris. I missed the post about the Retreat! Had to go back and read about it.
    You are going to have so many buildings on your property, you could call it the quilting compound! You could put covered walkways between the doors, and never get wet as you scurry to and fro. :)
    How wonderful to have this new space, now that the longarm has usurped your Cottage.

  2. Love the flooring Kris! You've been hard at it!

  3. Kris! This is your She-Shed! I'm so thrilled for you. I love to see it coming along so nicely.


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