Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!!

We'll we have been in a do nothing mode for the past few weeks waiting on the electrician.  Hopefully, tomorrow we are signing the contract with him and then there is apparently a 3 day recission period so that means he won't start until NEXT week.  I am not really sure how many times I have said "until next week" but hopefully this time is for real!!

In the meantime, we got the trim painted and Kelly got the it all up around the three small windows on the Studio ~

The extension cord hanging out the window is because "we are waiting for the electrician!!"  Argghhhh!

We also got the trim painted and up on the door!!  Now for a nice looking little porch instead of the hillbilly look!!  :-)

Also, today we got a couple more walls down.  This is the first real mold we have come up against.  A big long spray of bleach, a mask and gloves while removing it will get this stuff out of here.  Behind this remaining wall is the bathroom and that is where the moisture allows for the mold to grow.

And then finally, this wall had 2 layers of drywall on this side, then the drywall on the back side plus a layer of paneling. This whole section is going to be removed totally making the living room larger and square.

More drywall tomorrow plus the building of the frame for a wall we are adding.


  1. I get excited for you with each step forward--even the baby steps!

  2. Coming right along! So glad for you!! We are struggling to get our construction project moving again!! But hopefully soon!

    BTW - I don’t have your new address. Could I please have it?

    Blessings and hugs,

  3. SO great to see all of your progress, Kris! Happy New Year!!

  4. Happy New Year to you! You are an inspiration...look at what you have accomplished! I know it is still a UFO, but WOW! xo

  5. Your door looks great. Happy New Year you are moving right along.

  6. Your progress is astounding! So, did the electrician finally come and do his thing?


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