Thursday, January 25, 2018

Oh, My!! It's Been Crazy Around Here!!

And wayyyyy too long for a post.

So, we got the hallway wall down next to the master bathroom and found some mold on the bathroom drywall.  We actually have been very lucky as we have not had that much mold, especially since this house was empty with bullet holes in the windows allowing all that moisture to come inside.

This is the new bathroom wall for the time being!!  Privacy, what privacy??

We also got the wall down on the backside of the bedroom closet that is noe going to be living room as soon as the closet is removed.

We got my bed moved from the large bedroom that is now going to be my office into the small bedroom and is going to be part of the Guest suite (my bedroom and bathroom unless we have guests.

This is the wall between the master bathroom and the master bedroom.  We are knocking out the bedroom closet and making the bathroom larger with a closet in the bathroom.  The master suite area is Kelly's area so he can have some privacy and some room.  I tend to take up most of the house with all my quilting and crafting stuff!!  Now we just need to frame in the new wall and new door into the bathroom.

This is one of the temporary electrical junctions that the electrician has placed so we can still have some electricity while he is working on the new lines.  The electrician is coming over one or two days a week and so at this rate we are not going to have a full house of electricity until well into February if not March!!  It has been so frustrating because the electrician keeps putting other jobs in front of ours and then finally told me a couple of days ago he was doing us a big favor by even doing our job!!  Ya gotta love small towns with very few tradesmen and not really great tradesmen.  So, all in all we have the best guy for the job but he is very busy!!  We feel lucky and have decided to quit complaining about how long it is taking!!

Here is the closet side of the wall that is being removed to enlarge the living room.  The walls in the living room have all had 2 layers of drywall!!  What the heck??

Now here is the inside of the scary bathroom.

Next post I'll show you what the floor is looking like in that scary bathroom.  We do know we are going to need to remove the flooring and the sub-flooring, but we are hoping the floor joists are in good condition!!

See ya next time and I won't wait so long to post an update!!


  1. Oh my Kris. You are doing an amazing job. I would be going stir crazy with all the waiting . Wow all kudos to you and Kelly

  2. Just one adventure after another!!
    So where do you get to sleep when guests are in your room?

  3. As I follow along with your remodel, I am totally astounded. It's one thing to do this and quite another to do this AND live in it at the same time. God bless you.

  4. Oh, my goodness, Kris! So, so much going on at once! I’d be so overwhelmed! I’ve no doubt it will be beautiful when completed. You seem to have such vision about spaces!


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