Saturday, February 3, 2018

It's a Visit to the Scary Bathroom!!

Well, we made our way back into the scary bathroom again.  I keep putting this room off because it is so nasty!!

First we had to move all the insulation out of there to the other bathroom.

And then we started tearing into the floor.

Got down to the subfloor and found that it is also bad so it is going to have to totally come up too.

We have no idea why this wall was built this way, but I am going to pull down these boards and use them to make a nice looking step into the Studio to replace this one~

We are still only getting the electrician once a week so I am hoping that all of the electricity is complete before the end of March!!  What a pain!!  Luckily it is much warmer now and so we are not having to run the little floor heaters as much!!  Our electric bill will like that!!  :-))


  1. Just think, one day that scary bathroom will be a respectable throne room (and the door knob is worthy of such a room)! Won't that be great?
    Can't believe what you and Kelly can tackle. You constantly amaze me!!

  2. I am behind on blog reading. All I can think of it oh my!


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