Tuesday, February 6, 2018

We Started Ripping Out the Kitchen This Morning!!

Ok, so we are waiting and waiting and waiting on that @%@#$@^&% electrician!!  So, thought we would go ahead and start the kitchen demo this morning.

Here is how it started out this morning ~

Then we got all the stuff off the counters and started digging!!

Just disgusting!!  How can people live like this?  

Well, we had to stop not too long after we started cutting stuff out because Kel hit some live wires behind the wall with the Sawzall!  Yikes!!  Luckily he is okay but we now have no electricity in that end of the house - oh goody back to a million extension cords until that @$#%^&&#$@@ electrician shows up again.  This is getting old, I'll tell ya!!

But here is the part we did get done all cleaned up ~

We are pretty fortunate, the electrical boo-boo is our first big faux pas in this process and we hope it is the last!!


  1. Oh, I am glad Kelly is okay!! That sounds scary!
    You two make quite a demo crew.
    Is there no other electrician in town???

  2. Oh my! You both are amazing in that you have the determination and spirit to remake this house into a home. If the house could speak, I'm sure we would hear a loud, awwwwwww after each area that is pulled apart, cleaned, and remade.

  3. Your courage is just so inspiring! I am thankful no one was hurt in the electrical scare! You all are doing an amazing job, and it is so much fun to follow along on your journey!

  4. It’s always fun to see your progress...or at least the demo! LOL! You guys have taken on one hell of a project!! I wish Steve was there now, he could come and help with the electrical work. I sure love your studio!

  5. Coming along. Hope you own stock in the rubber glove company.


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