Monday, February 19, 2018

It Was Inevitable . . .

While I was cleaning the last part up in the kitchen at the wall behind and near the kitchen sink, we ran into rotted sill plates.

So, now, we have to wait until we have the sink in the guest bathroom in before we can remove the sink in the kitchen.  Once we get that last piece of kitchen counter removed

we will be able to dig out the rotten sill plate along with the rotten 2x4s.  We are so grateful there was only this small amount of rot in the whole house!!

Then, on Friday the electrician came for a few hours and removed the electrical in this wall that

separated the great room from the kitchen area.  And once that electrical was removed (for the most part) we were able to remove the wall completely.  Kelly then decided to rearrange the kitchen

so we have a more open concept!!  And once all that "stuff" is out of the great room, we will be living in a mansion!!  Well, maybe not, but each day or two the place gets looking better and better!!

See ya next time!!


  1. Woohoo looks good and how blessed are you to have a home at the coast that is not full of mold and rot.

  2. At least it's only a small amount that you have to deal with. More progress and soon you will have your dream on the coast to enjoy fully!

  3. Love your new/old front door! It’s going to be beautiful once you refinish it!!


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