Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Getting the Scary Bathroom . . .

ready to re-do the plumbing.  We need to move all of the plumbing including the tub/shower, the bathroom sink and the location of the toilet ~

Now that Kelly has the half of the floor and the rotten sub -flooring removed ~

We needed to get most of the old plumbing and the rotten floor joists out so that we can work on getting new joists in and all the new plumbing in and moving the toilet drain pipe.

Here is what we took out of the the half of the floor that is open ~

and now the new work begins.

Can you see the black tube that looks like it is coming out of Kelly's sock?  Well, we have been discussing for weeks how we are going to find the water supply that comes from the well into the house!!  Bingo!!  We found it when Kelly cut off the old pipe that was attached to that black pipe in the picture.  We are going to put a bandaid on that pipe so that we have water at the kitchen sink again!!  LOL!!  And since that is the ONLY water we have coming into the house right now except to the wiggly toilet in the master bathroom, we think it is a good idea to get it done quickly!!

Until Next Time!!


  1. Just one adventure after another for the two of you!
    Well, at least you found your water supply. :)

  2. Truly a labor of love my dear friend! You guys are working so hard!


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