Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Back Door and . . .

new front door!!

The debate between Kelly getting a new door for the back door or me making a door was settled when we went up to Coos Bay to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and found a door!!  Whoo!!  Whoo!!

We are going to strip it and take the top two panels out and replace them with glass so I have a window.  And MAYBE I'll make it into a Dutch Door so I can feel the cool breezes in the summer!!

Then, even better than that cool back door, we were given a great door for the front door but we had to take our front door and put it back into the garage from where we got the new old door.

Here is our door Before ~

Then we removed it ~

And replaced it with our fabulous old new front door ~

Is that going to be gorgeous or what when we get it all refinished and the new door latch on it?  And it was FREE!!  It is sooooo heavy and when it landed on my foot while taking it out of the garage where we got it I thought my foot was broken.  But all is well and I don't even have a bruise on my foot!!

We think the door is from the Arts and Crafts era, either the 1920's or the 1930s.  We are so excited we can hardly stop saying, "Wow, what a fabulous front door."


  1. I'd say doors are opening for you right and left! (Ouch)
    Very cool old door for your entrance. Love A & C era stuff!
    Very glad your foot sustained no permanent damage. That is a miracle.

  2. I am kind of jealous of your old doors. But how cool to find some that will work with your house.


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