Saturday, February 10, 2018

Drywall is Almost All Gone!! Hoo! Hoo!

We have gotten a lot done this week!!  We are getting the laundry room ready for the decking floor that we are going to put down over the concrete floor that is 12 inches lower than the kitchen floor.  Because it is 12 inches, the step down from the kitchen is really a loo-loo!!

This is in the laundry room wall where we had some shelves to plug up the hole between the laundry room and the kitchen.

These are the "before" walls  in the laundry room before removal.  You can see the old plumbing in the right lower corner.

I got that plumbing all cut off and sealed so that I could remove all that nasty old plumbing on the walls below.  They were so brittle I was able to just snap them off.

This is what it looked like after I got the drywall down ~

These are the walls after clean up~

This is the temporary wall to cover the hole in the kitchen.

While I was writing this post this morning, Kelly got the last piece of drywall off the laundry room wall and look at what was behind it!!  The original outside wall!!

We are going to see if we can get more of this old ship lap for the wall with the hole into the kitchen and then have a nice focus wall in the laundry room.  We are going to keep the door because it is in good shape but we are going to strip the paint off and probably stain it.

Now all we have left are the last two walls in the kitchen and then ALL of the drywall throughout the entire house will be gone!!  We're going to celebrate with a nice dinner out!!

Next week we are going to focus on getting the laundry room ready for the plumber to come install the water heater.  This is the opening from the laundry room to outside ~

I don't know if there has ever been a door there but we are going to put one in.  It is not high enough for a regular door so if I have my way we are going to make a door to fit in that hole.  If Kelly gets his way he'll figure out how to get something already together to put in there.  We'll see!!  :-))

See ya next time!!


  1. You guys are making great progress!

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  3. You really know how to clean up a mess, Kris!! Can't believe the "before" and "after"!
    Good luck with the door debate. :)


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