Thursday, May 24, 2018

Five Weeks Have Come and Gone . . .

and Kelly is back from his 5 weeks in Paris and Italy.

He had a wonderful time and the entire time he was gone I did practically nothing around the house as far as big projects go.

I did empty lots of boxes and took 4 trips up to the Hospice Thrift Store with lots of donations.  I tried to clear out the great room area as much as possible so we don't live like total hoarders but there is still a long way to go.

Here are before pictures to remind you what it did look like ~

It was absolutely driving me crazy, so even though we have a lonnnnnng way to go here is what we have now ~

We can walk straight through without tripping over something or running into something else!!  But we are in much smaller quarters than where we moved from so a lot of things just have to go.  Kelly has already started getting things ready for a yard sale the middle of June and I think that will help!!

Also, the yard is looking better.  With this gorgeous weather we are having, it is fun to be outside and get some work done.  Only thing about all the sunshine is that the grass literally grows 2 inches a day so it has to be mowed about every 4-5 days.

FINALLY, the biggest thing I did was fire the electrician!!  Here it is 5-1/2 months from the day he started and we are still a million miles away from being done.  And here is the funny thing - I had decided a week ago Sunday that I had had it but wanted to wait until Kelly got home to see if he was on board with it.  So then the next day after that Sunday, I found out he was in jail for 30 days on some environmental mess he has on his property that he just refuses to fix.  This is the second time he has spent in jail over the matter!!  Heavenly Father works in wonderful, mysterious ways!!

I'm at a Quilt Show this weekend but on Monday we are going to start cutting and painting the shiplap and get a few walls up!!  Hoo!  Hoo!!


  1. I'm glad to hear Kelly had a good trip. A dream fulfilled!
    Love the Pieta. How cool to see it in real life!
    I think you needed a break from the big stuff, but you still accomplished a lot. That was a big job to clear out the great room like you did!
    What a fun dining nook.
    And it is about time you found an electrician that actually wants to earn your money!

  2. The trips sounds awesome. I remember when the Pieta was not behind glass....yes downsizing is tough. Or just cleaning and decided what do you need, what do you not need and donating. Hope you find a better electrician.

  3. De-junking. My favorite thing. Need some help??? Such a big project and you are doing it beautifully. Keep-a-going!!


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