Friday, June 1, 2018

With the Gorgeous Weather . . .

anything being done around the house is being done outside.  Kelly spent a day last week, and I do mean a big part of the day, out at the burn pile and he got a lot of the crappy wood that has been pulled from projects all burned down.

And then I have been working out in the back 40 weedeating down the forest and cutting tree limbs from the big tree that was all the way down to the ground.

Ha! Ha!  I thought I was going to find some kind of dead body under this black tarp!!  Yikes!!

Also, we worked on the canal that runs along the street side of the property.  This is what it looked like before the weedeater got a hold of it ~

And this is what it looks like now!!

There is still lots to do and the grass continues to grow so fast that it needs the regular mowing job a couple of times a week.  But we are supposed to have lots of sunny days ahead and so if I get a bit done each day we may see the end of it.

Kelly got his dream job at at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort  ~

and even though he really only wanted part-time, this time of year he is going to be working 40 hours plus a week, so we are thinking not too much is going to happen at the house.  Plus, we still need to figure out the electrician situation, so we'll see!!


  1. You are whipping that place into shape one weed whacker swipe at a time!
    Congrats to Kelly on the dream job!


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