Wednesday, June 27, 2018

So, I Got Curious!!

We were putting up a tall rod so the Internet guy could run the cable from the pole to the house and we had to attach it to the wall with some wooden blocks.

While were working on it, I got curious and wanted to see what was under the nasty T-11 siding.  Here is what we found!!

More nasty stuff!!  We will need to really save our money to figure out what we are going to do with this mess!!  YIKES!!
Update on the electrical!!

We met with a new electrician yesterday that is so busy that he can pick and choose what jobs he wants to do.  And what has to be done (by us) in order to have him do it.  He wants to NOT use any of the electrical the last guy put in, he wants us to rent a POD(s) and move everything out of the house and he he would like it if we would leave for a couple of weeks while he does the work.  On top of that he said he is quite expensive and he is sure his bid is going to be more than the first guy's bid.  So, Kelly and I are thinking that we may try to do the rest of the work ourselves.  Just THINKING at this point in time!!  I am so frustrated right now that I just want to sit down and cry!!  But, it's a new day and with Heavenly help we too will get through this newest trial!!

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