Saturday, June 2, 2018

Time to Start Working on the Mud Room . . .

that will hold the washer and dryer, a deep utility sink, a laundry-folding table (with storage under it) and the hotwater heater!  Kelly is at work today but has Monday and Tuesday off so we thought we would work on the Guest bathroom plumbing and that will include running lines to the hotwater heater and everything else in the mud room too.

So, I decided to start ripping out the nasty walls so we would have nice new walls to attach the plumbing to ~

These walls face the west side of the house and we have been told that here at the coast, the west side always gets the worst of the weather.

Plus we were told by neighbors that the guy who sold the house to us put up those wide boards at the bottom to cover up the rot!!  LOL!!

As you can see there is a lot of rot at the bottom and along side the door.  I decided that the entire sheet of T-11 siding had to go.

This is what I found under the one sheet plus ants galore ~

And this is what is going to be under the other side ~

I was hoping it was going to be exterior ship lap but it is neither and they are both different.  What is wrong with people?  Some of the framing is also rotted out so these two walls are going to need a major overhaul.  Really felt good to get outside and pound a hammer and crowbar!!


  1. You are amazing and incredibly patient! You're inspiring me to get some stuff done on my house. 😊

  2. I love demolition! It certainly give you a feeling of satisfaction! LOL!


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