Monday, June 18, 2018

Walls are Starting to Look Like Walls!!

With Kelly working full-time things are going to take a lot longer to get done around here.  We did get the hallway shiplap started and so far we are loving it.

I paint about 12-16 boards at a time after Kel has cut the edges and then on his days off we hang whatever I have painted.

We still need to countersink the nails, putty them over and touch up the paint.

What do you think?

A week from today the new electrician comes by to see if he will even take over the electrical from the work of the other guy and we will also find out how much more it is going to cost to get the job done.  This new electrician is so busy that even though he is going to come look next week, if he decides to take the job he can't even start until sometime in August!!  Yikes!!

In the meantime I am working on learning how to be a longarm quilter!!


  1. So exciting to see a wall come up! Looks great Kris!

  2. Isn't this exciting?!?
    Is Kelly's job at the golf course?
    Wow--are there no other electrician options besides the guy that never shows up, and the guy that won't show up for a long time?


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