Monday, August 20, 2018

Monday Seems to Be Kelly's Day Off . . .

so we decided that even though things are going so much slower now that he is working, we would try to get a lot done each Monday.

Last Monday we got the wires from the house electrical box almost out to the Cottage electrical box but ended up about 5 feet short.  We had to crawl up in the yucky attic to run conduit

Image from the Internet

all the way across the attic (about 75 feet) and get the electrical wires through the conduit.  No pictures because the attic was too dark and dirty for pictures.  And so were Kelly and I after getting that done last Monday.

So, here is what we got done today ~

First, we got the rest of the electrical into the Cottage electrical box and then into the house.

We were about 5 feet short last week and so we had to change things up so that we could splice the wires inside the house and not in the box underground which caused us to add an additional 30 feet over the original 100 feet we placed last week.

We are going to leave all the junctions open until we get the electrical inspector out here to make sure we have done everything to code.

Then, if you were to go back to a little over a year ago and look at what this place looked like, you would see that the window in my bedroom looked like this ~

And once I pulled that nasty sheet off the window and saw that it was broken in several places because of bullet holes, I fixed the worst hole with a hippie flower.

Well, today we took out that old hippie flowered window ~

And started work on getting a beautiful new window in ~

Oh, yeah, now I can crack the window a bit at night without worrying about critters coming in!!


  1. Such a major window upgrade!!
    You guys are incredible. I know I say that all the time, but I just am always in awe at what you tackle--and win!

  2. Love your new window Kris! I bet it does feel good to sit back and see what you have accomplished! Looks like your Mondays are keeping you busy!

  3. Pretty new window..ditto what Janet said. You guys are awesome!


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