Friday, August 10, 2018

Ok, Who Stole the Entire Summer??

So much has been going on in so many of my lives that by the end of the day, I just want to sit down and watch baseball!!  So I decided to write a quick post this morning because so many friends have asked what is going on.

So, as you know the electrical has been a nightmare but Kelly and I are finally getting the hardest part completed - getting the ditch re-dug out and the conduit with the wiring in it.

Because the fired electrician did not get the wiring into the ditch until 6 weeks after Kelly dug the ditch, dirt fell back in and the grass started growing over the ditch.

Kelly got down on his hands and knees and sometimes his belly and dug out about 60 feet of the ditch.  I pulled the grass away so he could see what he was doing.

Ta!Da!  A cleaned-out ditch!!

Once the ditch was cleaned out, I ran wire through the conduit that is used to keep the wires safe and dry.  The fired electric was going to lay the wire without putting it in the conduit!!  Certainly a code violation!!

After I glued 60 feet of conduit together and ran the wire through, I laid the conduit in the ditch and started to cover it up!!

I washed the dirt back into the hole with a sweeper head on the hose.  I thought I was doing it the lazy way, but one guy told me that was a great idea because it would compact the dirt easier!!

Next, I had to add some conduit filled with wire for the lamp post that is going out front.  See those clots of dirt?  That is what has to be broken up to put back in the ditch and man, they were like big balls of kryptonite!!

Then on the next day of Kelly's day off from the golf course, we continued to clean out more ditch and put in more conduit.

Then we got the conduit attached to the sweep at the Cottage and added the connector box that we had to cut out our own holes for the conduit to fit into it.

More conduit for the 60 feet back to the well!!

This picture is the 10 foot ground post that has to be slammed into the ground 8 feet.  All was good until we hit pure clay and now we are getting it pounded in with a friend's pounder inch by inch over many day's time.  It's a bugger!!

Slow but sure!!  We have given ourselves until the end of September to have everything done for the rough-in inspection.  Once that inspection is complete we can start putting in insulation and getting walls up!!


  1. You two are amazing! I am so impressed with your DIY fearlessness! And thank goodness for friends with the needed equipment!

  2. BTW, I totally agree with your title to this post!


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