Wednesday, September 13, 2017

And Another Wall Bites the Dust!!

I have decided that I am a one-wall-a-day kinda gal!!  The hard work is taking down the drywall and the insulation, but the time-consuming work is the cleanup after the drywall is down.

This is the kind of icky stuff you run into behind those walls, especially in an old house that has been empty for the most part of 8 years.

Now this wall and window is ready for the window guy to come out tomorrow morning and measure so they can give me an estimate on Friday.  I already found out that I am not going to be able to afford the bee-you-tee-full wood clad windows from Monday's post but I am hoping we can still afford the three single hung windows next to each other.

This wall had a nasty wall heater in it.  In order to remove it, I turned off the electricity at the breaker box which is something I ALWAYS do when working with ANYTHING electrical in a house, but especially with an appliance like a wall heater.

Once out, it looks pretty good.  I will leave the old Romax wiring until all the drywall through the house is down and the new electrical wiring is in place.

I also got all the trim off around the window so the window guy can get an exact measurement of the rough opening for the new windows.

And then yesterday evening before it got dark, I got a rack up and a lot of the fabric that was in plastic bags (all over the floor in this room) all on the shelves.  Gave me more working room this morning.

And finally, this is something one needs to be careful of when fixing up an old house.  Falling and getting boo-boo on some part of your body.  I was lucky - I fell backwards off the step stool but there were a couple of boxes to land on instead of going all the way down to the floor!!


Until next time!!


  1. Ouch. I need to take a page from your book and get the 4 walls down from the temporary room we had made for the aunt, so I can have my family room back. I got the trim off the walls....just stalled after that. dreading the removal of the electrical.


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