Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kelly is On His Way . . .

so these past few days I have been getting all the drywall out of the bedroom that is going to be mine so Kelly can get his stuff in the bedroom that is going to be his when he gets here.

I feel pretty good about how much I got done  - all the walls except a 1/2 wall in the closet that was just one too many.

I got a special treat when I pulled the drywall off the wall that was once the outside wall of the original house.  Instead of ripping the original ship lap off before drywalling, they left it on and it will be gorgeous when I get all the nails out and get it sanded down and probably whitewashed so it retains it's old look ~

I got most of the furniture out of Kelly's room and into mine but the day is getting late and I am getting tired, so the rest of the things in Kelly's room will have to be moved when we empty the U-Haul on Friday!!

Look how fun that old wall is going to be!!

Tomorrow morning at 5:30 I am headed up to Coos Bay (about 45 minutes north of Bandon) to get on the Greyhound bus to Bend so I can drive the last day of the move with Kel.  It is the wiggliest part and it will be nice for him after 2 full days of driving a 20 foot U-Haul with his truck towed behind!!  He measured it and it is over 50 feet long!!  Yikes!!

See you next week!!  
We have some fun stuff going on!!


  1. Take care driving those bends...rather you than me! Never seen that sort of wall before but I am sure you will make it look beautiful.

  2. Enjoy the trip. The roads from Bend to Coos Bay are gorgeous, just be careful, I hear there is snow falling on Mt. Hood. Oh I am jealous of your ship lap. I have some in my house, in the basement....

  3. That is pretty cool that the one wall was still intact!
    I can't believe all of the work you have accomplished.
    So Kelly is on the move, huh? Now when I drive down your old street I won't have any connection there at all. At least with Kelly still there I felt like you were still tied to this valley. :(
    Oh, I hope you have a safe trip. Good of you to help out on that last leg of the journey.

  4. I am so proud of you....look what you have accomplished! I miss you but I am glad you have your blog so we can keep in touch. Sew Small QG is tonight. It will not be the same but I will be thinking of you~ Kim John-Trewren Hugs to you!


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