Monday, September 11, 2017

Finally, a Bit of Work Done Today . . .

I have been so preoccupied with all of the quilt shows I have been vendoring this past 2 months and preparing for the Portland Quilt Expo the end of this month, I have not gotten much of anything done on the house.

So, today, I decided to take the morning and get some work done.

Even though I am going to eventually have a studio in a separate building in the back of the house, this room is the one that I am going to be using to store the fabric until that building gets completed.  It is also eventually going to be my office and the guest bedroom. 

I got the whole one wall down this morning and everything cleaned up so I can now set up some shelves to put the fabric while I open up and clean up the rest of the room.

I am going down to the local window guy this afternoon and have them come out to measure this window and give me a bid to replace it.  As you can see, right now it is a casement window and is very boring so this is what I would like to replace it with ~

Image from the Internet

It's quite a wide window (72") for that little room so I am not sure if 2 hung windows or 3 hung windows will look the best.

This is where the old drywall was planted when I was done with it inside!!

Annie was making sure that I positioned it correctly.  Thanks, Annie!!


  1. Love the look of the new windows. Will you have those throughout the whole house?

  2. Oh the new windows would be gorgeous. I looked up about doing the sheet rock thing on clay. Yep it will work. What I have seen I need to remove the paper on the painted side of the sheet rock. The unpainted side will eventually decompose.

  3. Those new windows will be gorgeous! Looooooook at all those lovely low volume prints you have! Fabric envy going on over here! :) A bit of progress always makes one feel good, and I would say that this type of progress really feels good.

  4. That's quite an accomplishment for one morning's work! Those Windows would be perfect! He may even have a similar setup that isn't quite as large! Can't wait to see what you decide upon!

  5. Wow--you are a one woman demolition crew!!
    I didn't realize you were planning to build a separate studio. How cool is that?
    Love the new windows, but they might cost an arm and a leg. Hope you can get the windows and keep all your limbs. :)


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