Friday, October 27, 2017

Beautiful Sunny Day in Bandon by the Sea!!

We started putting up the felt that will waterproof the studio.  We need to get one wall at a time felted and then the paneling up so that the felt won't tear in the event we get some good winds.  The weather channel said the wind is supposed to be very minor until tomorrow afternoon.

First wall completed.

Kelly also started working on the trusses this morning while I was down at the laundromat getting some laundry done.

Putting in the last nails of the day.  I still need to finish nailing tomorrow morning but we had enough today.  I think we are both still recovering from the day before yesterday.

Wow!!  It's looking' like a real building, isn't it!!

And as the studio get more and more completed, our pile of materials is dwindling!!

Tomorrow is going to be another sunny day with low winds so we are hoping to get the back wall and hopefully the window wall felted and paneled!!


  1. You two are building rock stars! Amazing what two old duffers can do, isn't it? (Said with love from one old duffer to another.) :)

  2. So much progress in such a short time. You amaze me.

  3. What a great team effort! On Saturday, we had wind all day! It was a stay inside the house day. Today, it's perfect. Sun, no wind, and a beautiful day. I hope you are able to get lots done before the weather changes.

  4. Looks great. Now here we don't use felt, we get really strong winds, we have to use tyvek, otherwise the building feels like a wind tunnel.


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