Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Our Angel Showed Up Today . . .

late in the afternoon and it was perfect timing!!  Again!!

Kelly and I had just gotten the back wall up, both the felt and the siding and almost totally nailed down . . .

when Elder Woolley (with two Ls) surprised us with a visit.

Kelly and I thought we were just about done for the day but Elder Woolley gave us new energy and we managed to make most of the trusses, get the top plate on the walls and get several of the trusses installed!

And then while we were out there round out 4:00, a bunch of trucks and guys came down the road and stopped right in front of the house.  They were there to put down new asphalt!!  What a treat!!

I went out and chatted with this guy for a few minutes and he said he was quite impressed with the job we were doing!!  I said "yeah, pretty good work for three senior citizens!!"  Well, at least two senior citizens, I am not sure if Elder Woolley qualifies for that distinction yet!!

We are hoping we have another rain-less day tomorrow so we can get up the third wall and maybe the front wall before the rains start up again on Thursday!!  Quite interesting to work your outdoor days so much around the weather!!


  1. I'm so glad you have a helper. It is looking good!
    That would be a switch to have to work around the rainy days. Around here we pray for rain so we have an excuse to take a break, but we don't get that very often. :)

  2. Truly a blessing to get some extra help, just when it was needed.


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