Friday, October 13, 2017

This week's Progress . . .

We got quite a bit of work done this week despite both of us having a cold.  Kelly got the old tub out of the Scary Bathroom and we could see that there were mice living in that area.  Now all the mouse housings are shoveled away and the area has been shop vac-ed thoroughly.  The boards are down to keep new mice from coming up through the hole in the floor.

We have determined that the entire bathroom floor is going to have to come up completely and be replaced with marine-grade 3/4" plywood.

We have now officially broken through the drywall to two rooms.  This is a view from the guest bathroom into the guest room/my office.

Had to cover the toilet hole as the smell was getting bad, especially now that the bathroom is open to the guest room.

Sometimes I wonder what people were thinking when they built this place!!  Drywall over plywood???  Whaaaat?

Kelly also got a lot done.  Everything was covered with plastic first.

And then over the past two days, two of the walls in the his bedroom (the master bedroom) got finished.

Cleaning out the spiders and snakes!!

Tomorrow is going to be sunny so we are going to start work on the studio and storage room buildings!!  Pretty exciting stuff around here!!  We are also calling the guy that is going to help with the plumbing and we are hoping to get him out here next week so the plumbing can start going in!!  Hopefully hot water by Halloween!!


  1. Wow! I am SO impressed by your courage and all you are accomplishing! It is exciting to see the progress. :) Blessings to you, my friend.

  2. You are amazing, Kris--and Kelly, too! I am excited to see each step of progress you make--and can't wait for you to get hot water!!

  3. Making progress. Um I am sure my house is guilty of things like drywall screwed into lathe and plaster. Enjoy the beautiful day.

  4. Such progress. Loved the concrete video. Not sure I would cope as well as you are,


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