Thursday, December 27, 2018

It's a Glorious, Sunny Day on the Oregon Coast!!

And so, Kelly and I used the opportunity to do some outside work on the house.

Right now Kelly is not working much but might, just might, get a full-time job the end of February.  So we have decided that we are going to do some work every day on the house and hopefully have a full working bathroom, hot water, a working mud room and a new farm sink in the kitchen before he goes to work full-time!!

Pretty ambitious but here's what we got done today!!

This is the north wall of the mudroom.  We are tearing all the old rotting T-111 off the whole house and we were hoping there was old ship-lap underneath, but our hopes were dashed!!

This is how far we got on the north wall and now the nasty siding is off far enough for us to put in the  glass block window we bought for this hole.  Off to You-tube to find out how to install a glass block window!!  Oh, my, what did we ever do before Youtube?

Here's where we started today on the west wall of the mudroom.  Pollie is out here supervising!!

These rotted sill plates are the reason we have to remove the entire wall.  So we can replace the sill plates with pressure-treated wood this time around.

More rotted sill plate on the other side of the door opening and more wall removal!!

Here's where we ended the day!!  Ya, know, these two old farts just can't put in as many hours of hard work a day like we used to when we were younger!!

Kelly is now out in the sun tending a fire to get rid of all the nasty old wood we have been accumulating during the No Burn season.  And I am inside working on the binding of a quilt - one of my very most favorite things to do!!

Until next time . . .

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