Friday, December 21, 2018

This is What Kelly has Been working on . . .

between raindrops!!

This is the shed that came with the house.  It is big enough for Kelly to use as a small workshop.

But this is what it looks like inside right now!!

All the stuff we have been accumulating to work on the house.

There is Kelly's workbench on the far right but he can't even get to it, let alone use it.

So, we decided he needed a storage shed right next to the workshop so he can store all the "stuff" in the storage shed.  Kelly built this little building all by himself and he just got the roof shingled today!!  A full day with some sunshine, blue skies and no rain!!  YAY!!

Here is the new shingling on the roof!!

In the door on the far left is where the lawnmower and all the garden tools will be housed.

This middle door has enough space inside to put everything else that needs to leave the Workshop.

And the door in the front is where we will be able to store up to a ton of pellets for our pellet stove!!

Work area!!

And left over shingles!!  Yup, it's time to mow the lawn again!!

Good job, Kelly!!  Well done little Bro!!


  1. I never fail to be impressed by all that you two can tackle and accomplish! I echo your words--Good job Kelly!

  2. Isn't it unreal how much storage space we need! Looks great Kelly! Hope you guys had a nice Christmas!


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