Monday, January 7, 2019

Got All the Flooring Cut . . .

and mostly into place!!

We decided to get 1"x8" boards and also decided to get the clear pine.  When we found out the cost of these boards here locally, I went "yikes"!!  Let's look at Home Depot and Lowes to see if we can save some money!

Well, I checked both places - Home Depot did not even carry 1"x8"x8' pine boards and the ones at Lowes were almost twice as much as the local lumber yard!!  That's crazy!!  But true, so off I went this morning down to Bandon Supply and bought all 18 boards they had in stock!!

Here is my mickey-mouse board leveler!!  :-))

Here are the first boards going down.

All cut the right length and placed where they belong but before we can screw them in place, we have to make a few fixes and get the new plumbing put in place under the boards along the edge of the house.

Before I actually saw the boards, I thought we would paint them, maybe black and white checked flooring.  But after seeing how gorgeous this clear pine is, I don't want to cover up the beauty of the wood with paint.  Instead we are going use deck stain and stain them.  Probably a light grey that will allow the beauty of the knots and grain to show through!!

P.S. Kelly went to work this morning just to get laid off.  So, now we hope to have the time to work on the house with all the stuff we have been buying all through this past year and then we'll have to wait until Kelly gets a job to continue the work!!  It's seems like when there is the time to do the work, there is no money to get the materials and when there is money for the materials, there is no time to work on the house because we are out making money!!  Funny how that works!!

Until next time!!


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