Saturday, January 5, 2019

Now onto the Decking . . .

in the mudroom.  Here's what we got done today between raindrops!!

First, we had to clean everything out of the room!!  That bin in the middle had 300 pounds of cement in it that had to be moved!!  Ha! Ha!  I could only move one at a time!!

Then the 2"x6" boards had to be laid and screwed into the four walls and then the remaining 2 floor joists cut, put in place and screwed down.

The concrete floor underneath is so not level so the first thing Monday will be to cut shims to place under the floor joists.  That will make the floor much more solid once we put down the planks across the joists.  Kelly has to work Monday but I hope to get the planks purchased and some of them put in place!!

Until then . . .


  1. Flooring starts tomorrow!! Whoo! Hoo!!

  2. This has got to be so exciting!!
    How in the world do you know how to do all this stuff?


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