Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Change in Plans . . .

Since I have gotten a storage unit and moved a lot of the fabric into the unit, there is a lot more room to move around and I do not need the studio right now.

So, I decided to change directions and the next project is to get the laundry/mud room ready so that I can get a water heater.  Not having hot water is really a drag!!

Here is what the laundry/mudroom looks like right now.

I am going to put down a new deck-like floor over the concrete so that the floor will be a bit higher and then I am going to do the walls in bead board with ship lap on the ceiling and a door with a window in the top part.  Something like this ~

Image from Lowes
And then when the water heater is put in, I am going to have the plumber run pipes to the guest bathroom so I can have hot water for showers!!

What that means though is that I am going to have to order a hazmat suit to get into that bathroom and get that cleaned out and ready for plumbing!!  Yikes!!  Pictures to follow as soon as I am not afraid to open that door!!


  1. Mammoth task but at least you have a plan. Think decluttering to a storage shed was a very wise move. This will look wonderful when done and that first shower will feel soooooo good.

  2. Now THAT is a mud room that lives up to its name! I wouldn't know where to start, but I wish I was there so I could help.
    Hey, I know what ship lap is now, thanks to you!
    Lovely door.

  3. good luck! Being without hot water is a drag for sure...been there done that as well and I was so happy to have hot water finally. It's hard sometimes when you are following your dream with renovations, especially on a new place. But, in the long run all this work you are doing is going to be so worth the effort.


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