Monday, July 17, 2017

This is the Door to the Scary Bathroom!!

Ok, I knew I was going to have to open this door at some point, so I decided this morning was the time!!  I am going to have to have this bathroom all demo'ed before I can get the water heater put in because I have decided to have the plumber complete the plumbing to the bathroom instead of the kitchen so that I will not only have hot water, but I will have a shower!!

The one and only redeeming aspect of this bathroom is the doorknob!  Once it gets all cleaned up it will be beautiful.  A glass knob is on both sides of the door.

Ok, here is the sink.  I know that squatters were living here sometime during the last eight years, but I didn't know that birds had also made it their home until I came in here to take pictures!!  Yikes!!

Oh, goodie - look, more spiders and snakes!!  And of course, this is where the toilet is supposed to go.  Funny thing is that the listing on this house said there bedrooms and ONE bath even though there are really 2 full baths!!  Ha!!  Ha!!  No toilet, no bathroom!!

And the tub!!  How can people live this way?  

Now I am hoping and praying that there is not some kind of dead body in this bag!!

More evidence of birdie residents!!

The little blue thing on the floor is my essential oils diffuser which has been a God-send!!  And man, I put this in the room a good hour before I actually walked in the door.  If you think it looks bad, just imagine it smelling a 100 times worse!!  The diffuser worked!! 

And finally, the incredibly beautiful floor.  I am thinking I should probably keep it.  NOT!!!

Ok, off to work I go!!


  1. Yep, scary bathroom is a good phrase to use! Once you get through with it though it shall be beautiful! Keep up the good work!

  2. Keep your eye on the ball! There's potential there!

  3. Incredibly beautiful! You are so brave.....

  4. What is not to love about a brown and gold tiled floor???? Wise decision to not keep it. You amaze me with all the goings on . ...and was that a hazmat suit you were wearing?

  5. How did I miss this post? I can't believe what you have to tackle here, Kris! But if anyone can do it, you can. I think I must have a smell sensor on my computer, because I found myself not wanting to breath as I looked at the photos.


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